Inflation, did you have to cut family hobbies too?

Faced with inflation, more and more parents have no choice but to reduce their spending on outings for children. And no leisure is spared, reveals a survey.

 Inflation, did you have to cut family hobbies too?

Taking your children to the cinema, to a restaurant or to an amusement park was still possible a few months ago, but now for many parents, it has become too high a source of expense with inflation. 80% of parents of children under 15 have already reduced their spending on family outings , or seriously considering doing so. Thus, for 8 parents out of 10, the family outings become a luxury: this is what emerges from a survey carried out by the Opinion Way institute for Welcome Family, a brand of games and equipment for children, and revealed by RMC this Monday, October 31. Some families even have no choice but to cancel their holidays and weekends with their children.

On which activity, families reduce their expenses?

With the increase in prices being felt in various sectors, all leisure activities for children and families are concerned , starting with the restaurant meal . It's the first item of expenditure to be affected : 46% of parents surveyed said they had already limited this type of outing. The sessions at movie theater , the seats at museums , in the zoos or in the amusement parks are also impacted. Some families even come to have to cancel their holidays and their weekends with their children . A choice taken reluctantly, but which remains unthinkable for others. Also according to the survey, despite the financial sacrifice that this represents, nearly half of parents seek to maintain these moments of family relaxation.

Modest and well-to-do families pay attention

In this context of crisis, the low-income families are those most affected by these sacrifices but the so-called middle and rich households are not detached from these concerns either. 'Skiing holidays, we don't know what it is. Easter holidays, we spend them at home, we go out, we go cycling. If we go to the cinema, for a family of four, it's 80 euros the exit if we take two popcorns and a drink. And when a child asks you 'Dad, can I have a packet of popcorn?', you don't say no. ', entrusts a moved father to our colleagues. Being a civil servant, and earning 2,200 euros per month after more than twenty years of career, he is also affected by inflation. And according to the survey, wealthier families said they are also more careful about their spending on this subject.