Inflation bonus: last payment arrives today

Some beneficiaries will receive the last payment of the inflation bonus today. The transfer should be visible in the bank account by the end of the week at the latest. Who is affected by this payment? Details.

  Inflation bonus: last payment arrives today'hui

The last beneficiaries of the inflation bonus will be able to receive their payment, this Tuesday, November 15. Those who are concerned are the recipients of the activity bonus. They will receive aid in the amount of 28 euros per person, to which are added 14 euros per dependent child. A less generous premium than those paid to other beneficiaries, but which remains not negligible especially in these difficult times marked by inflation. The payment will be made automatically by the Caisse d' Family allowances (CIF) by bank transfer.

Why haven't I received the inflation bonus yet?

Be careful, if the payment date is announced for November 15, this does not mean that you will have received the sum in the early morning on your account. So don't panic if you don't see the credit for it during the day on your bank statement: transactions can take several days depending on the transaction times of different banks. The transfer of the inflation premium should therefore be visible by the end of this week. Wait four days before filing a claim.

How do I claim my inflation bonus if I haven't received a payout?

Sometimes eligible people do not receive the assistance to which they are entitled. Most often in question: bank details that are incorrect or that have not been transmitted to the services concerned. If this is your case and you don't know how to benefit from it, you can go to the site After identifying yourself, all you need to do is provide the services concerned with the missing elements, in particular your bank details. On this site, you can also consult your rights and the aid you can claim by doing a simulation.

Who can get the inflation bonus in 2022? Terms

The inflation bonus is intended for recipients of social minima, which includes people with low incomes, precarious elderly people, retirees, scholarship students and households receiving housing aid. In total, almost 11 million households are eligible. In detail, beneficiaries are those who are already receiving:

  • Active solidarity income (RSA) or overseas solidarity income (RSO);
  • Financial assistance for social and professional integration (AFIS);
  • Personal housing assistance (APL, ALF or ALS);
  • Allowance for disabled adults ( AAH ) ;
  • Support for family and social life (AVFS)
  • Specific Solidarity Allowance (ASS);
  • Retirement Equivalent Allowance (AER);
  • Solidarity allowance for the elderly (ASPA) ;
  • Simple social assistance allowance for the elderly.

What is the amount of the inflation premium in 2022?

The amount of the inflation bonus has been set by the State at 100 euros , to which is added a supplement of 50 euros per dependent child. The amount allocated by CAF is higher. ' In total, the average amount paid by the Family Allowance Funds is 133.5 euros. , said CAF in a communicated . Payment is made to the bank accounts of the households concerned. In principle, this year it can also be combined with the back-to-school allowance in the event of eligibility for both. Note that the amount of aid is different for people benefiting from the activity bonus: it is €28, to which is added €14 per dependent child (until the month preceding their 20th birthday).

Who will see prime inflation?

The 2022 inflation bonus is paid by the organization from which you receive your social benefits. If you receive RSA or APL, the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) is responsible for paying the premium. And if you are looking for a job, Pôle Emploi will make the payment.

When were the first payments made?

The aid was paid several times, on different dates depending on the situation of each household. The first payment started on September 15, 2022 for recipients of social minima and scholarship students. A few days later, on September 27, it was the turn of the beneficiaries of the ASS and the AER to touch it. A third payment took place on October 15 for ASPA recipients. On November 15, the fourth payment will concern recipients of the activity bonus.

How to apply for the inflation bonus?

The steps to claim the inflation bonus are quite simple since you don't have to do anything. As specified on the Public Service website, the beneficiaries will receive the payment 'automatically by the organization on which your social minima depend, without any action on your part.' The payment is made directly to the bank accounts of the people concerned by the inflation bonus.