Incident on the set of '12 Coups de midi', the threatened program: Jean-Luc Reichmann very surprised!

Barely started that the filming of '12 Coups de midi' of November 29, 2022 is disrupted by an incident... The public and Jean-Luc Reichmann are completely taken by surprise! What happened ? Explanations.

  Incident on the set of '12 Coups de midi', l'émission menacée : Jean-Luc Reichmann très surpris !

The issuance of 12 noon shots almost didn't happen! This Tuesday, November 29, 2022, an incident disrupted the filming of the program 🇧🇷 Most Jean-Luc Reichmann , the presenter, reacted very quickly despite the surprise and the competition was able to resume as if nothing had happened.

An incident threatens the filming of the TF1 show

It's not the first time this month that the show has been disrupted by a somewhat comical surprise. This Tuesday, at the time of the traditional presentations of the candidates. The cast of the program realizes that one of them is missing . Jean-Luc Reichmann cannot hide his surprise when the voice announces: ' I think there was a health problem or the person did not come '. Most the 12 strokes of noon must continue, the presenter has no choice but to find a solution very quickly to replace the absentee of the day. An idea quickly pops into his head and he says: ' Wait but there is a big audience today, we're going to draw someone in the audience '. Under the applause, he confirms: ' No, but I'm serious here. That's crazy ! This is the first time this has happened! '

The viewers then attend a first in the show, in twelve years of broadcasting, a new participant is drawn at random from the public. Lucie, a young woman from Boulogne-sur-Mer is chosen by chance. A sound engineer rushes to equip it and a quick make-up and hair touch-up later, the young 19-year-old candidate, still in shock, is ready and the program resumes its normal course. To conclude this story, the presenter turns to his master of Midi and tells him that this new participant ' maybe going to dethrone, that would be fun... Well, not for you '.

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The presenter was quick to share the funniest incident on his Instagram account, with an excerpt from the program. Below the video, he writes: ' Following a health incident, unfortunately, the 12 Coups de Midi program was almost canceled today! A candidate did not show up on the set... '

Another surprise disrupted filming in November

Earlier this month, another situation had destabilized the presenter during one of the shoots. Stéphane, the midday master, had a pressing desire in the middle of a round. This most intimate, but totally natural confession, triggers hilarity on the set, as much from Jean-Luc Reichmann as from that of the public and the other candidates. As a joke, the presenter took all his time before accepting that the Haut-Marnais participant go to relieve himself. In addition, he took pleasure in sharing the funny sequence on his social networks.