In Lorie Pester's bathroom

TOMORROW BELONGS TO US- In the credits of the TF1 summer saga alongside Ingrid Chauvin, Lorie Pester shines and dazzles us. The spontaneous and true artist gave us her rituals to feel beautiful and fulfilled.

  In Lorie Pester's bathroom

tomorrow belongs to us , the new TF1 soap opera poised to steal the show from the unstoppable More beautiful life from France 3 made a remarkable start on Monday July 17. In the casting, we find Lorie Pester who has already made a remarkable performance in Josephine Guardian Angel and The Fires of Love .

Are you flirtatious?
Lorie Pester : A little yes. But I am very fast. I only need 5-10 minutes to get ready. I prefer to stay in bed as long as possible! (laughs). Also, I don't wear much makeup. I don't do my hair! I just tie my hair up with a rubber band. On TV sets or during filming, I get a ton of foundation. So, outside, I let my skin breathe and I wear as little makeup as possible.

What is your beauty ritual?
LP : I wash my face with a suitable soap. I put an eye contour cream to give a boost. I like the fresh ball that serves as an applicator. Then, I apply my moisturizer without forgetting the neck and décolleté. I use a very rich body milk because I have dry skin. I often use products from Clinique, Clarins or La Roche-Posay.

What is your secret to having beautiful skin?
LP : I drink a lot of water and do a lot of sports. I have a healthy lifestyle. I don't smoke and I drink very little alcohol. Otherwise, I do a scrub once a week and I go from time to time to be pampered in a salon. I'm not loyal to one address in particular, but I really like the Aquamoon spa, place Vendôme. I find it superb and it is a really soothing place.

And beautiful hair?
LP : I have very curly and very dry hair. They are almost frizzy and if I do nothing, I quickly end up with a Jackson 5 haircut! (laughs) I use very nourishing shampoos to avoid the straw effect. I really like Christophe Robin's lemon cleansing cream. I love Kérastase too. Especially their masks. I detangle my hair only in the shower because it's impossible once dry. To soften them, I apply a care oil. Hydration really is key!

Do you have a favorite beauty product?
LP: No, not really. I really like testing new products!

What is your make-up uniform?
L.P.: When I stay at home, I don't wear anything! If I have to go out a bit, I just put on brown mascara and sometimes raspberry pink lipstick which gives a 'bitten mouth' look that I find very pretty. For an evening, I take more time. I like the line of black eyeliner or a smoky eye to highlight my look. I always wear blush to look good. If I don't make up my eyes a lot, I dare to wear red lips.

Do you have any beauty advice for JournalDesFemmes readers?
L.P.: Drink lots of water and play sports!