In Ingrid Chauvin's bathroom

TOMORROW BELONGS TO US - As TF1's summer soap opera gets off to a successful start, a look back at Ingrid Chauvin's beauty secrets. The heroine of the series told us about her beauty rituals when her book 'Believe in Happiness' was released.

  In the bathroom of'Ingrid Chauvin

tomorrow belongs to us , the summer saga of TF1 which intends to dethrone More beautiful l life is launched. On the poster, we find the actress Ingrid Chauvin who had already burst the small screen in the series Lawyers. At his side, we find Lorie Pester, Alexandre Brasseur and Lou from The Voice Kids 3. A shock cast that has already won over 3.3 million viewers on Monday July 17.

Are you flirtatious? Do you spend a lot of time in your bathroom?
Ingrid Chauvin : Coquette is not the word. But I like to take care of my skin and give myself moments of relaxation most of the time around a bath.

What's your secret to great skin?
Ingrid Chauvin :  Over the years, I got to know my skin and discovered the products that were right for me. In the morning, I apply the cream Secret d'Excellence of Galenic. Evening frost Chrono Active of the same brand, I alternate with the creams Multi Active Day and Multi Active Night by Clarins. Once a week I do a sensitive skin mask and scrub with Hydrabio masque then Hydrabio gommage from Bioderma. Morning and evening I cleanse my skin with Bioderma micellar lotion to refresh myself and remove my make-up. For the body, depending on the season, I alternate with Prodigious oil de Nuxe, the nourishing cream Atoderm from Bioderm.

And to have beautiful hair?
Ingrid Chauvin : I use the Phyto range. My hair is in high demand during filming and when I'm on stage. I have to take care of it and use products to fix it and nourish it. I use the repair shampoo Phytokeratin then the mask Phytokarite with shea butter. I also use the Rinse Vinegar Yves Rocher which gives a lot of shine to my hair.

Ingrid Chauvin.

What's your make-up uniform?
Ingrid Chauvin : My favorite foundation is a Couleur Caramel stick. I like mascara Excessive Lash of Make Up For Ever, the eyeshadows of Laura Mercier, the color palette is infinite and their texture is light. I love lip balm Hydra-Chrono of Lierac for a natural and hydrated mouth and blush 4 seasons by Guerlain or the blush Maui of Nars for good looks.

Do you have a favorite product?
Ingrid Chauvin : During filming I get up at dawn and my favorite product is the anti-aging eye care from Nuxe. There's nothing like waking up and smoothing your eyes despite fatigue.

What do you think is the worst beauty faux pas?
Ingrid Chauvin :
Too much color on the cheeks, eyes and mouth at the same time. The gaze can be strong if the mouth remains natural. A red mouth with just an eyeliner on the eyes or even for the summer a good-looking effect on the whole face is pretty when the mouth and the eyes remain almost natural.

What is your favorite perfume ?
Ingrid Chauvin :
Amber in all its forms. Everyday I wear 'Amber Sultan' by Serge Lutens.

Let's move on to your Chinese portrait...

If you were a movie: The ram family

A song : 'I send waltzing' by Zazie

A man : God to rectify two, three little things

A pair of shoes : Tropéziennes®

A garment : a long, light and flowing dress

An animal : a chat

A recipe : a chicken with thai sauce

A cocktail: vitaminized fresh fruit with my Philips Juicer!

A quote : 'Happiness on leaving told me he would come back.' by Jacques Prévert