Immerse yourself in recipes in the roles of Louis de Funès

The large restaurant, the cabbage soup... So many titles that evoke Louis de Funès and French gastronomy. A new book has succeeded in joining the two elements within the same pages.

 Immerse yourself in recipes in the roles of Louis de Funès

And if you got back into the bath of classics of French cinema ? Starting with the comedies of Louis de Funès, moreover in the top 5 of the most broadcast films on television. But above all, how about relive the great roles of the actor through the gastronomy . From Grand restaurant to the Cabbage soup Passing by The Constable of Saint-Tropez , the famous films of Rabbi Jacob of a day are not missing. And in each of them, dishes appear there with all their importance. As accompanying cinema icon , these dishes were highlighted by cult scenes. These recipes are now gathered in one and the same book : In the kitchen with Louis de Funès , from Ynnis Editions, available from November 9, 2022.

What recipes can you find in this book?

From tricatel to pork kidneys The crossing of Paris , with Bresse chicken from Wing or thigh, all palates can find their account here . This cookbook brings together nearly 20 dishes and their anecdotes in order to place them in the context of each of the actor's films. With, of course, the secret to achieving the famous cabbage soup . The opportunity to recall the importance that this film had given to the French know-how .

Fans of the actor or lovers of good food, everyone will like it . And as a bonus, a recipe by Louis de Funès himself is revealed in this book: a family dish shared for the first time.