Ilona Smet, stylish young mother in a bikini and mini dress

Ilona Smet is a fulfilled young mother! The young woman shares pictures illustrating her happiness on Instagram. Their common point: they are all rather stylish.

 Ilona Smet, stylish young mother in a bikini and mini dress

Already two months Ilona Smet and her husband Kamran Ahmed, welcomed into their lives their first child . A little boy of whom we saw, according to the photos posted on Instagram by his mother, a small hand, a mini foot and a skull dotted with chestnut hair. On her account followed by 156,000 people, Ilona Smet also shares some photos of her after childbirth . The young woman, who celebrated her 27th birthday on May 17, 2022, appears there alone, alongside her husband or her baby. The constant? She always have a style at the top , whether in black vest and white T-shirt, bikini and striped shirt tied at the waist or mini T-shirt dress and two-tone sneakers. On the head, a cap embroidered with the letter A . A clue as to the first name of his son?

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Ilona and Emma Smet, worthy daughters of their mother

Like her mother, the model Estelle Lefebure , Ilona Smet cultivates a natural and effortless . In addition to having inherited her top body, the young woman displays the same simple elegance as the ex-wife of David Hallyday . Pretty materials, casual pieces and impeccable cuts, they seem to share their wardrobe. Emma , Ilona Smet's little sister, is pursuing a successful acting career. In addition to having appeared in the cast of the series tomorrow belongs to us for five seasons, the actress born in 1997 distinguished herself in the film The Segpa in 2022. In terms of looks, she prefers miniskirts, crop tops and robes tight. Clothing adored by Generation Z, to which she belongs.