Igor and Grichka Bogdanov would have been 73: Fortune, Family, Women, Matrix and Emmanuelle Béart

Did you know that Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff were 'broke', that they had three sisters, a medieval mansion, a castle in the Gers and that they were planning to meet Pope Francis? Appearance, Injections, Physique, Love life and other secrets of the brothers who would have celebrated their 73rd birthday on August 29.

  Igor and Grichka Bogdanov would have been 73: Fortune, Family, Women, Matrix and Emmanuelle Béart

Igor et Grichka Bogdanoff were men of science, but also of secret . The twins cultivated the mystery about their family, their age, their physique, their fortune... so that few of them really knew the famous brothers. After their death, many relatives revealed some of their secrets. Discover what you didn't know on the twins who joined the stars they loved so much, in December 2021, and who would have celebrated their 73rd birthday on August 29.

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff were 'broken'

Igor et Grichka Bogdanoff were far from rolling in gold. According to their friend and editor Jean-Paul Enthoven, the twins were ' always broke '. And to entrust to the Point : ' They lived for a long time in a medieval house where the electricity was cut off and the rents were unpaid, which hardly mattered. They had debts at the grocer's, at the pharmacist's, but they each reimbursed with a smile, like Don Juan with Monsieur Dimanche '.

Igor Bogdanoff: his strange medieval mansion

Igor Bogdanoff had acquired a parisian mansion which dates, according to him, from the 15th century. According Le Figaro , it would be a former hunting lodge in which he had then himself installed a set of joinery. On the walls, you could see lilies and the building had 106 m² of living space .

The Bogdanoff Twins Invented The Matrix

Raphaël Enthoven is convinced of this: the deceased twins simply ' invented Matrix '.' Double Memory, which they wrote in the late 1970s, is a novel in which a man discovers that his world is in fact an illusion and that the matrix, the word they use, has put them in the head. They invented it “, he explained on BFM TV .

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff: the secret of their appearance

where did it come from the unusual appearance of the twins ? Journalist Jordan De Luxe, who knew them well, explained to Gala : ' When we were close to them, we saw that there were small bandages on their faces . It was from Botox ®. Igor had made me understand by A + B that it was injections that he gave himself , without going through anyone. Afterwards, maybe he was leading me on, but in private, he was quite clear on the subject. '.

Igor Bogdanoff: his 'wobbly' couple with Julie Jardon

Igor Bogdanoff's last serious relationship was with the neuroscientist Julie Jardon . ' They were couple and very much in love. He cared a lot about her ,' Jordan De Luxe told Gala . ' Sometimes, when things were bad between them, he didn't hesitate to send me a message to ask me to talk to Julie, but it didn't work, because she is very smart and knew very well that behind it was a request from Igor (...) I saw him desperate when they broke up ', he added.

The Bogdanoffs were close to Emmanuelle Béart

The Bogdanoff twins were close to Guy Beart in his lifetime. At his home, they' played the banjo ' and ' chatted in the Gascon dialect with an Emmanuelle (Beart, editor's note ) decoration “, explained to the Point Jean-Paul Enthoven. The daughter of Guy Béart “ asked only to believe in their extraterrestrial origin “, he clarified.

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff: their 'extraordinary lifestyle'

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff, who caught the coronavirus at the same time, at age 72, they thought ' immune 'thanks to their' extraordinary lifestyle “, had explained their friend Pierre-Jean Chalençon to BFM TV , before explaining: ' They eat seeds they don't drink alcohol. Besides, that's why when we invite them to dinner, they often arrive after dinner so as not to be tempted'.

The twins had a castle in the Gers

The moon brothers owned a castle in the Gers , at Esclignac in Monfort. They had acquired it in 1986 for about €280,000 . Before their death, Cédric Davant-Lannes, president of the Gascon Heritage Safeguard, had offered to buy the building for €700,000 in order to restore it and so the ' save ', but the proposal had never been accepted by the brothers.

Igor to 'I felt the death' by Grichka

If the twins died six days apart, it is certainly no coincidence. In any case, this is what one of their publishers, Gérard de Cortanze, believes, who explained to the Parisian : ' When I learned that Grichka was dead, I was convinced that Igor would also die very quickly . They were so connected... Igor obviously must have felt Grichka's death '.

Igor Bogdanoff: who is the mother of his eldest son?

Igor Bogdanoff was father of six children . His eldest son Dimitri, now 45, is the result of his former relationship with actress Genevieve Grad. At the time, the one who had turned in The Gendarme in Saint-Tropez, The Gendarme in New York and The Gendarme is getting married had taken a vacation in the Gers and had met Igor Bogdanoff there, who was then residing in the family castle of Saint-Lary.

The twins had three sisters

Did you know that the Bogdanoff twins had three sisters ? Laurence , 57, was a candidate in the municipal elections of Garenne-Colombes in Hauts-de-Seine in 2020. Geraldine is at the head of a taxi company in the Drôme, while Speedwell is a sophrologist, indicated Gala .

The Bogdanoffs were to meet Pope Francis

In 1991, the Bogdanoff twins published their book god and science and had been planning for a few years to write a second volume for which they had to talk to pope francis current 2022.” It was gradually taking shape “, had declared one of their publishers Guy Trédaniel to the Parisian . A project that, unfortunately, will never see the light of day.

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