'I was lost in my life': Olivier Minne and his dark period, how his move to the United States saved him

Olivier Minne returned to his youth, in the pages of the magazine 'Entre Nous'. The 55-year-old host tells how a trip to the other side of the world allowed him to find his calling...

  'J'étais perdu dans ma vie" : Olivier Minne et sa période noire, comment son déménagement aux Etats-Unis l'a sauvé

Olivier Memory remembers his youth in the pages of the magazine Between us . The Fort Boyard host gave an interview to Faustine Bollaert's magazine. He talks about his beginnings and his career. The 55-year-old star explains that she had a revelation during a trip across the Atlantic in the early 2000s. At the time, the phone was no longer ringing and the host was struggling to pay his bills. At the review, he tells how his American adventure changed his life . 'America has been the country of rebirth for me , so obviously it's a land that makes my heart beat in a particular way, he said. When I landed there, I was lost in my professional life as in my private life '.

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Olivier Minne: 'I was complaining too much'... His click in the USA

Olivier Minne left without any particular expectations. 'I didn't know anything about the United States, he remembered again. However, I believe that I had an important appointment with myself there. The Americans made me understand that I had nothing to expect from anyone if I didn't go looking for it in myself'. It was in California that he had a realization: ' When I arrived in Los Angeles, I was complaining a little too much. They presented me with a fait accompli: don't expect others to find the solution you have within you.' Does the star of France Télévisions feel French or American? ' America will always be there for me, he confides fondly. And yet, I feel deeply French there. Born in Belgium, Olivier Minne shares his life today between France and the United States. 'I have three countries of heart' , he confided.

Olivier Minne: a life of anonymity in the United States

If he likes living in America, it is also for anonymity. Olivier Minne confided to lead a more peaceful life. 'I don't know if it protects me, but when you put some distance with Paris, obviously you have a way of understanding things that is different, he estimated with Gala . (...) It allows me not to be too prisoner of what this profession can generate as traps or vanity. '

A happy life, but childless. Olivier Minne has not tasted the joys of fatherhood. But that's no regret. ' Children, I have plenty , everyone who has watched Fort Boyard for twenty years but without the responsibility of being their father!' , he already confided last July to Between us .

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