'I was just completely petrified': Brooke Shields reveals she was raped

Revealed in the drama 'La Petite' by Louis Mall for her interpretation of a child prostitute, Brooke Shields reveals to have been raped, in a documentary presented at the Sundance Film Festival... Her story is chilling.

   'J'étais juste complètement pétrifiée" : Brooke Shields révèle avoir été violée

This January 20, Pretty Baby : Brooke Shields , a documentary, premiered at Sundance Film Festival , in the USA. In particular, he discusses the relationship of older men to women in the Hollywood sphere. In this film, the old supermodel Brooke Shields reveals to have been raped out of the University, during what she then thought was a work meeting to discuss a possible casting to get.

Brooke Shields, 'petrified': 'It's rape'

The identity of his attacker is not known. But Brooke Shields shared the details of this violent aggression . While she was thinking of finding this man to discuss a casting, she claims to have been taken to her attacker's hotel room and then went to the bathroom before coming out naked. 'It was like a fight …I was afraid of getting choked or something. I did not much debated . I did not do it. I was just completely petrified. I thought my 'no' should have been enough. And I was just like, 'Just stay alive and go'' , she recalls in the documentary. She then recounts calling a friend who said: 'It's a rape', to which she replied: 'I'm not ready to believe it.'

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Brooke Shields, sexualized from the age of 10

This is the first time the actress has spoken publicly about her sexual assault . A poignant revelation that obviously echoes the movement #metoo but which is also the basis of many questions asked in this documentary. Among them, the sexualization actresses from a young age. In particular, she recounts a naked photo shoot when she was only ten years old and her role at the age of 11 in the film La Petite de Louis Mall , in which she plays a child prostitute. She also speaks out about the salacious questions she has faced on many shows from older men.

“My personal message is perseverance, and not allowing yourself to become a victim in the eyes of any society or industry” , she told Agence France-Presse (AFP) during the premiere of the documentary. 'I'm proud of how I've continued to learn, grow, work and love what I do' , she added. His documentary earned him a standing ovation at the Sundance in which his friends like Lionel Richie, Laura Linney and Drew Barrymore testify. She estimates that at the age of 57, it was 'the right moment in [his] life' to appear in a documentary.

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