'I thought of the provocative but effective method': Christophe Beaugrand apologizes after his orchestrated rant...

After having pushed a rant against a homophobic site, Christophe Beaugrand passes to the excuses. On Twitter, the popular host explained that he took part in a fake online campaign. He is calling for donations for Le Refuge.

The journalist and presenter Christophe Beaugrand-Gérin took to Twitter to denounce a homophobic site . In a message posted on his account this Sunday, November 20, 2022, he asks his subscribers to report 'EraseMonEnfant.com'. A site that offers ' remove your gay child from your life! ', as described on the home page. Then, on the 21st, he spoke again to provide some useful clarification...

While a controversy had begun to swell, the host of TF1 and resident of Big heads from RTL has made things clear: this site does not exist. He it was an invented campaign , voluntarily publicized to warn about homophobia. He has apologized on Twitter this Tuesday, November 22 .

Christophe Beaugrand denounces: 'A foul homophobic site'

On the home page, a short text describes the abject concept of the site: 'Your child has come out and you're ashamed of it? Erase them permanently from your life with Artificial Intelligence ChildMyChild.com '. Thus users can erase their child from family photos, memories, etc. In order to get rid of ' for good of this child who no longer has a place in your family '. An outpouring of hatred that the presenter ' committed against homophobia ', as he says in his Twitter bio, does not condone . In his post ' rant 'published on the social network, he denounces: ' I have just been informed of the posting of an IMMONDE homophobic site which offers to help people 'delete' their gay child from family photos Disgusted by the service, he adds: ' It makes me want to vomit '. He finally asks netizens to help him' to report the site '.

Internet users in shock

Following his tweet, the reactions of Internet users flocked. Many of them are outraged that such a site exists . 'It's flagged too... It sickens me that we can design such a site, but it sickens me even more if some people are really looking for this kind of content... Where are we going? 'is a surfer revolting?' In our time, having prejudices like this is lamentable!!!! another chimed in. But I am shocked every day to see how horrible human beings can go. It is the parents who should be erased. What desolation “, we also read.

Most other Twitter users find the site so out of place and shocking they can't believe it . ' Certainly provocation to generate this type of reaction. It can't be serious. There is no interest in such a specific service ', explains @NicoElesse. Some Internet users even think of a publicity stunt, like @EzraUzumaki: ' There's a countdown, in my opinion it's to shock and challenge '. Or @2QT_2B_STR8 which states: ' I do not believe it one second. Let's wait for the end of the counter, I'm sure it's an awareness campaign behind it '.

The journalist appeals for donations and apologizes for this false campaign

And Internet users can be reassured, less than 24 hours after his first message, The journalist confirmed on Twitter that the site does not exist . ' On the other hand, hundreds of parents every year try to 'erase' their children from their lives ', wishes to clarify the presenter. Thus, Christophe Beaugrand-Gérin calls on his subscribers to donate to the foundation The shelter , for ' support these abandoned young people '. The association ' accommodates and accompanies minors and young adults ', 'victims of homophobia or transphobia and in a situation of family breakdown ' for almost twenty years, as explained on their site.

He gave it a layer on November 22 to justify his clumsy approach: ' Dear friends, as an ambassador for the @lerefuge foundation, I participated in the shock campaign on the fake site to 'delete' your child. To all those who have been hurt, I sincerely apologize. I thought the provocative but effective method. I think the main thing remains the message that we sent: unfortunately there are hundreds of families who want their child to disappear from their lives. This is why Le Refuge works hard. When we move, sometimes we can be wrong. sorry again .'

A presenter committed against homophobia

It's not the first time that Christophe Beaugrand-Gérin is committed against homophobia on his social networks. Already last July, the presenter had denounced statements by Caroline Cayeux, the Minister of Territorial Communities, dating from 2013 on the Taubira Law. Earlier this year, in February, journalist Ghislain Gerain's companion also announced on Twitter that he had sued an Internet user after being harassed . Him and his son , aged 3, had received homophobic slurs.

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