'I still blame him': Carla Bruni recounts her meeting with Nicolas Sarkozy

Since their meeting in 2007, Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy have been inseparable. And they never miss an opportunity to remind them. Evidenced by this new interview with the singer in which she recounts their first meeting.

"Je lui en veux encore" : Carla Bruni raconte sa rencontre avec Nicolas Sarkozy

There are couples that fascinate. And which make ink flow. Carla Bruni and her husband President of the Republic, we have appointed Nicolas Sarkozy , form one of them. All their statements about their love are also particularly scrutinized and commented on. This new interview with the former First Lady is no exception. Guest this Saturday August 13, 2022 on Isabelle Morizet's show, There is only one life in life , broadcast on Europe 1 , the interpreter of Someone told me spoke, for the first time, on the day of his meeting with the former head of state .

'I still blame him. He still pays' , admits Carla Bruni

Invited to a dinner by her friend Jacques Séguéla in November 2007, it is rumored that Carla Bruni would not have, at first, wanted to go to this evening. But it was without counting on the determination of the advertiser who ended up convincing him. To the delight of the couple today. The first interview of the couple was therefore made in the residence of their mutual friend in Marnes-la-Coquette. And according to the former model, they would have spent the evening discussing both. “I will admit that I felt the impact of things that evening” , she confided to the microphone of Isabelle Morizet this Saturday. But, very impatient to hear from the one who would become her husband, she could not hide her annoyance. ' Maybe I was hoping for something . We had to see, we had to wait. He still called me back only at 4 p.m. the next day' , she confided. Before concluding on a humorous note: 'I'm still mad at him. He's still paying!' .

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Carla Bruni, 'miracle of life' by Nicolas Sarkozy

In a relationship since 2007, the singer and the politician were married in February 2008 at the town hall of the 8th arrondissement of Paris, and they welcomed their only daughter, Giulia, in October 2011. An idyll which, more than fifteen years after their meeting, still seems to work wonderfully . And Carla Bruni is not the only one to say it in an interview. Already last January, Nicolas Sarkozy had made a few rare secrets about his relationship on the set of 1:15 p.m. Sunday . 'You are going to sing at the Casino de Paris. We will announce our engagement. We will do better than Marilyn and Kennedy' , he confided to having said to his future wife who was about to go on stage. 'Carla became my wife, she was a fantastic First Lady. She landed in this political environment that she did not know out of love for me, for her family and for the country she represented' , explained the former President to Laurent Delahousse. Before concluding : 'She made, it seems to me, the pride of France. But, for me, it was the miracle of life, this meeting ' .

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