'I'm going through very painful moments, it's getting worse and worse': Daniel Lévi's widow confides in her impossible mourning

More than two months after the death of Daniel Lévi, his widow Sandrine is still consumed by lack. She confided in the “Parisian” on the pain of mourning, her daughter Nessyel, born shortly before the death of the singer and the tribute she intends to pay him soon…

  “I live very painful moments, c'est de pire en pire" : la veuve de Daniel Lévi se confie sur son deuil impossible

More than two months have passed since the Death by Daniel Levi , who died last August following a Colon Cancer . For his loved ones, including his widow Sandrine Lévi, the lack is abyssal . This has also become mother of a little Nessyel , born only three weeks before the death of Daniel Lévi. ' We move forward, despite the absence of my husband, the lack of his presence. We move forward for the best. He helps me a lot from where he is, because he is there all the time. I always talk about him in the present tense, I always think of him in the present tense. I live very painful moments … They say that with time the pain subsides. Me, I have the impression that it's getting worse and worse, because the lack sets in. We become aware of the reality a little more every day ', said Sandrine Lévi, in an interview with the Parisian .

'The most beautiful gift' left to him by Daniel Lévi

' Daniel was my other half. We were fusion “, added the one who married the singer in 2018, shortly after the start of their love story. A few weeks before dying, Daniel Lévi had recorded a video that he had published on Instagram in which he announced the birth of her daughter.

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' Daniel wouldn't have left without leaving me alone. My daughter, this is the most beautiful gift that I could have had in my life. His father is a man thanks to whom I have everything . She looks so much like her, Daniel's eyes are a very light green, hers are blue but she has eyes as piercing as hers ', she confided. And to clarify: ' My princess is adorable (...) She will never replace her dad, because he is always there, but she is as close to me as I was to her father '.

Daniel Lévi: an evening tribute to the singer

Despite the pain of mourning, Daniel Lévi's widow is trying to move forward and is organizing a tribute evening for him at the Mogador theater on November 7, which brings together many artists who have worked closely or from afar with the late singer, such as Amir, Frederic Zeitoun, Gad Elmaleh , Victoria SIO, Pascal Bishop, the original troupe of Ten Commandments , Julie Zenatti, Patrick Bruel as well as the musicians of Daniel Lévi and Gospel'N Life Harmony . A concert whose profits will be donated to the Daniel Lévi association, which finances the installation of musical pieces and instruments in hospitals.

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' I got a call from my friend Albert Cohen (who was the co-producer of The Ten Commandments, editor's note) who said to me: You're going to have to take your courage in both hands and make this evening in tribute to Daniel now because otherwise, it's going to come out of anywhere. Or it will be organized anyhow and with anyone “, she recounted.

Laurent Bentata, director of Mogador, agreed with pleasure to let Sandrine Lévi organize an evening there in tribute to her late husband. ' So I went, accompanied by my two stepsons, Abel (29 years old, editor's note) and Raphael Levi (24 years old, editor's note). We don't want TV, no tralala, but only artists who have shared sincere moments with Daniel “, she continued.

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