'I left...': Isabelle Morizet and her clash with Patrick Sébastien, the day he broke her...

Recently invited by Jordan de Luxe on his show 'Chez Jordan', Isabelle Morizet has finally clearly explained the reasons for her departure from the show 'Les Années Bonheur' a few years ago. Blame it on Patrick Sébastien and his strong temperament.

  'I left...': Isabelle Morizet and her clash with Patrick Sébastien, the day he left'a fait craquer…

A few days ago, Jordan de Luxe received host Isabelle Morizet on her show At Jordan's , program already broadcast on Tele-Leisure but also to be found this Thursday, October 20 on C8. A river interview with the former singing star, who first became known as Karen Cheryl, in which she reflected on her career on television , which began, remember, in youth programs like Hugo Delire or The girls next door . The 67-year-old journalist also agreed to finally explain the reasons for her hasty departure from the show The happy years , which she then hosted alongside Patrick Sébastien.

The departure of Isabelle Morizet continued 'overflow' and 'to excess' by Patrick Sebastien

In effect, for seven years, Isabelle Morizet gave the reply on France 2 to the most famous loyal gentleman in France, we named Patrick Sébastien . Together, they were at the helm of the program The happy years which, according to the principal concerned, 'had an absolutely prodigious audience' and that 'missing elsewhere' . Most, as she told Jordan de Luxe recently, her collaboration with the host, who was ousted from France Télévisions in 2019, did not really end well .

And for good reason, she left the ship after the now 68-year-old man threw a 'Shut up' in full recording . 'Patrick's excesses and excesses! But he's used to the genre and we don't blame him more' , then explained the journalist. Before concluding : ' One day he let himself go. I like it when people talk to me nicely and elegantly. For seven years, it went beautifully. I left. Me, I slip away ' . After this episode, she spoke directly to the show's director: 'We agree that, for Patrick already, the first thing will be to cut that in the editing because it's not to his glory (...) We're going to resume as if nothing had happened' (…)' . And she adds: 'We ended the show quite happily and then, after the show, I'm like, 'I'm leaving, but it's fine'' . And this is how the collaboration between the two acolytes ended.

Has Patrick Sébastien since apologized to Isabelle Morizet?

But they still seem to have remained on good terms. Because, when Jordan de Luxe tried to find out if Patrick Sébastien, who has just unveiled a brand new book entitled Live and be reborn every day , had since apologized, Isabelle Morizet did not hesitate to respond tit for tat: 'It's Patrick, it doesn't matter' . This does not exactly answer the question, but rather suggests that water has since flowed under the bridge. Moreover, in 2020, the host had received her former friend in the program that she still hosts on Saturday and Sunday on the waves of Europe 1, There is only one life in life . All's well That ends well !

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