'I knew before her!' : Line Renaud reveals an improbable anecdote about Bernadette Chirac

Line Renaud has known all the cream of show business for several decades. As she returns to the cinema in 'A beautiful race', she delivered an unpublished anecdote to Michel Drucker concerning the Chirac couple, of which she has always been very close.

  'J'ai su avant elle !" : Line Renaud dévoile une improbable anecdote sur Bernadette Chirac

Line Renaud returns to the big screen in the film A great race directed by Christian Carion and in which she gives the reply to her friend Dany Boon. While the feature film is expected in theaters from September 21, she promoted it in 8:30 p.m. Sunday with Laurent Delahousse. The opportunity to look in the rear view mirror of his life and to deliver, again, a few anecdotes. One on the Chirac couple amused the public a lot...

Line Renaud better informed than Bernadette Chirac!

During her life, Line Renaud (94) rubbed shoulders with all the stars and dated many politicians. And it's a secret for no one: she is a personal friend of the Chiracs. As she saw images of the late Jacques Chirac's victory in the 1995 presidential election on the show, she revealed that she knew before anyone else that he had won. How ? Thanks to a scheme orchestrated by a famous journalist and presenter...' I wanted to know before anyone else... But there was no way! I was very good friends with Jean-Claude Narcy [who worked at TF1, editor's note} . And he told me that he would know before anyone else. So I said to him, 'If you come in with a pen in your hand, it's because Jacques Chirac has won. '' she said.

Once installed with the Chirac clan and the candidate's staff at the Paris City Hall - Jacques Chirac being at that time the RPR mayor of the capital -, Line Renaud then saw his friend appear on the television screen with a famous pen in hand. ' And I was all alone in that room screaming, 'Ah'! ', she recalled. An enthusiasm that then surprised Bernadette Chirac , not understanding why the singer, actress and former review leader put herself in such a state when the score was not yet known. ' Bernadette Chirac asking me: 'What's got into you, Line?' I replied, 'He won Bernadette!' I knew it before her! “, she added.

Line Renaud, almost from the family of Jacques Chirac

The death of the former president, which occurred in 2019, greatly marked Line Renaud. It must be said that she was almost part of the family...' I was his sister. And you know how I found out? I found out when I was awarded the Legion of Honor. I was talking to a friend, I was talking in a low voice but it was too loud for him. And he said to me: 'When my little sister wants to shut up!' So there I deduced that he had the same feelings for me “, she had previously said.

From now on, the ex-wife of Loulou Gasté still remains close to Bernadette but also and above all to Claude Chirac, the couple's daughter. ' When she was in the middle of a love story and she was madly in love and things weren't working very well anymore, she came here to cry. And I consoled her “, had for example reported Line Renaud on France 3. A girl of heart for the one who has never had a child.

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