'I find it completely stupid': the city of Pantin becomes 'Pantine', the mayor ridiculed on the Web!

A welcome move or a ridiculous change? The mayor of the town of Pantin, in Seine-Saint-Denis, has chosen to rename the town 'Pantine' in the name of equality between men and women. But what do the locals think? The topic is hotly debated!

"Je trouve ça complètement con" : la ville de Pantin devient "Pantine", le maire ridiculisé sur la Toile !

From now on, you will no longer go to Pantin, but to Pantin! The mayor of the city of Seine-Saint-Denis has announced a big change (or not) for 2023. In the name of gender equality, Bertrand Kern, the PS councilor, has decided to feminize the name of his city and rename it 'Pantine' until 2024.' We want to challenge, we want there to be a awareness of this equality between women and men which is not yet perfect, although there have been improvements in recent years “, he said in a video posted on Twitter for his New Year wishes.

Pantin becomes Pantine... What it means

' However, women are paid less than men, for all that women prohibit certain trades. However, the place of women in the public space is not always well accepted by men. So in 2023, Pantin is resolutely committed to equality between women and men ', continued Bertrand Kern in this video. Despite everything, this initiative remains ephemeral and not very concrete. The change of name ' will not appear in official documents “, explains the town hall. But posters pasted on the walls of the city proudly display the name “Pantine”.

'I find it completely c*n': a decried change, the mayor mocked

A powerful and useful initiative... or a flop? The inhabitants are rather skeptical and many denounce a publicity stunt having the effect of a cautery on a wooden leg. Fatiha, a Pantinoise interviewed by The Parisian , she does not hesitate to express her perplexity: ' I find that completely stupid, excuse me. It's cinema and it won't change anything. Pantine, moreover, it's ugly. There is better to do '. On Twitter, Internet users are not more convinced. ' Is that' equal pay is respected at the town hall? “, asks one of them. “ If not for Bourg-la-Reine we do something? “, quipped another.

' Pantin becomes Pantine. And Bourg-la-Reine, hot or not to become Bourg-le-Roi? La Queue-en-Brie, change nothing ' ; ' More Pantine or Chocolate Pantin lol? ' ; ' If #pantin becomes #Pantine does Mantes-la-jolie become Mantes-le-Beau? Fortunately, ridicule does not kill… I forgot; what is the blow department called? Seine-Saint-Denis? “, can we read on Twitter.

Other initiatives should soon see the light of day in the city, such as a exhibition of inhabitants posing in the streets of the town with the names of famous women or even the creation of a place dedicated to the fight against violence against women .

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