'I don't deprive myself of anything': Myriam Abel lost 20 kilos in 4 months, she explains

Myriam Abel has experienced impressive weight loss in a short time. With Jordan De Luxe, the winner of 'New Star season 3' confided in her slimming secrets, her cravings for liposuction and her 'very bad diet'...

  'I do not deprive myself of anything': Myriam Abel has lost 20 kilos in 4 months, she is'explique

Myriam Abel lost 20 kilos in just 4 months , revealed the singer to Jordan De Luxe, in his show At Jordan's, this September 22. Weight loss too fast? The winner of New Star 3 would like to reassure the most perplexed: ' It's not dangerous, because I don't deprive myself of anything, it's not a diet, I'm not frustrated. 'To achieve this result, Myriam Abel has followed the PBS method by Yoram Moyal , a ' food rebalancing that is only common sense ' and which allowed him to regain awareness of the need to eat without excess and in a balanced way.

Myriam Abel: Her 'very bad diet'

The young artist affirms it: she ' did anything 'nutritionally, before starting to lose weight.' I worked at night, after concerts, I ate pizzas, while traveling I ate sweets, I ate very sweet (...) I had a really bad diet , and as I was badly in my skin, it was a comfort for me the food (...) I am Algerian, so I was brought up in semolina and fat “, she confided to Jordan De Luxe.

Myriam Abel almost succumbed to liposuction

But the singer felt ' pain in his body ' and absolutely wanted to lose weight. Last May, the interpreter of Women weighed about 70 kilos for 1m56. Now she weighs 51 kilos . If she hadn't tested this method, Myriam Abel would have gone through liposuction. ' I feel great (...) There today, I'm super happy to have lost those pounds without going through liposuction “, she rejoiced.

Myriam Abel, fan of injections and cash on aesthetic medicine

It must be said that surgery and needles do not put off Myriam Abel, who had already revealed that she had had recourse to cosmetic surgery . In November 2021, the wife of musician Roland Baron said she was ' injections to erase dark circles ' and do ' inflate ' the lips . ' Hyaluronic acid injections are my passion. I like “, she had dropped bluntly. On the other hand, at the time, the winner of New Star 3 had no intention of going on a diet. ' I don't diet because I like to overeat. We will have to find a good compromise. I'm a little plump... I hide well. I know how to show off. I would like to lose 10 kilos because I am small ', she said then.

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