'I am deeply sorry and sad': Patrick Sébastien overwhelmed, makes a sad announcement on the Grand Cabaret...

This is sad news for the presenter. The program broadcast on France 2 had been stopped in 2018 to the chagrin of Patrick Sébastien. He had however managed to continue the show in itinerant version on stage. Unfortunately, the second season will not take place. He released a press release to that effect.

  'J'en suis profondément désolé et triste" : Patrick Sébastien accablé, fait une triste annonce sur le Grand Cabaret...

The disappointment is huge for the man in love with the circus world and spectacular numbers. On the last of his show on France 2, he had promised to return: ' I also wanted to let you know that with all the numbers we've seen tonight and all the ones that are still left... Alright, we're leaving but I promise you that I will fight for us to come back . 'If season 1 had to be postponed due to Covid, season 2 won't even have the chance to be seen by the general public.

Patrick Sébastien announces by press release the cancellation of season 2 of the Grand Cabaret

It was on November 8 that a dispatch was sent to inform that the tour initially planned will not take place. The host is very attached to this program. Patrick Sébastien did not hesitate to express his affection for this entertainment which has been dear to him for many years. This statement is particularly painful for him. ' It is with sadness that I have been informed of the cancellation of the 2022/2023 tour. I am deeply sorry and sad '. He wanted to add that he too was a victim of this decision which cost him.

Patrick Sébastien feels he has been the victim for a few years of an unfair, according to him, put in the closet of the TV. He had explained it on the show at Jordan de Luxe: ' That is to say that on France Télévisions, you can have a criminal, a dealer, a pimp... but I don't. there are orders '. So, paranoid or not, the fact remains that this new brake on his projects must affect him a lot.

Patrick Sébastien: why is the tour of the Plus Grand Cabaret cancelled?

According to the production company, the cause would be financial. ' It is with regret that the company LOUPING has taken the decision to cancel the 2022/2023 tour for budgetary reasons that do not allow it to offer the public the show they are entitled to expect. ', says the production house.

On Twitter, suspicious messages immediately appeared. ' Above all, let's see no link between his recent media statements on the vax and the cancellation of his tour. '. The TV man was never fundamentally anti-vaccine, but he said he developed pre-diabetes after being vaccinated against the coronavirus. However, Patrick Sébastien is not particularly known for his hygiene either. blameless life...' I drank a liter and a half of whiskey a day. Without paying attention, because at first it was festive, I became an alcoholic “, he had for example declared in TPMP about his past alcoholism.

What became Patrick Sébastien?

He tried to return to the small screen helped by his friend Cyril Hanouna , but unfortunately nothing really worked. Since 2021 he has an entertainment magazine games love you . The last issue of this bimonthly was released in September 2022.

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And that's not all. He also has released a book called Live and be reborn every day at Xo editions. He recounts his eviction from France 2, his romantic disappointments, his cancer and how he managed to raise his head. Let's hope it's the same with this new event.

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