How to wash and care for cashmere?

Machine wash, hand wash, how often, with which product…? Discover all the tips for taking care and maintaining your cashmere sweater, scarf or hat.

  How to wash cashmere and'entretenir ?

Naturally soft and warm, the cashmere is the star of summer and winter knits. If it is said to be precious, it is also because it is fragile and you have to be very careful about it so that it can retain all its softness and suppleness, but also to avoid the appearance of pilling . You should know that cashmere is a material that loves water and that, despite popular belief, the lavage makes it even more beautiful and revive . To avoid the accident and end up with a sweater or a scarf narrowed and felted , we refer to care labels and we opt for one of the different ways of carrying out the washing. Because some cashmere pieces cannot actually be washed in water, such as those made of cashmere voile or double-faced fabrics used for coats. Follow the cashmere care guide.

How to machine wash cashmere?

We might be afraid of the drum, and yet the ideal is to laver are cashmere in machine . Simply select a cold or low temperature wool program at 30°C and add a dose of special wool detergent or a special cashmere shampoo , most never fabric softener . You can slip your cashmere piece into a cover , a pillowcase closed with an elastic band , without buttons or zip, or even a wash pouch , to prevent it from deforming when going through the washing machine. We program a gentle spin of 500 tours maximum , which prevents the cashmere does not felt. Then we put it to dry flat on a towel , away from light and heat. About the ironing , this must be light and delicate on the wrong side of the piece and especially without pulling on the stitch.

Pulls in cashmere

How to wash cashmere by hand?

Does the washing machine scare you? Opt for a hand washing . But beware, this is a slightly more tedious task. You have to start with soak quickly his cashmere in Cold water to which we add a special wool detergent or a special cashmere shampoo. Then, we come to tap it and rinse with clear water . For spinning, we wrap in a towel without deforming it, then we install it flat on a towel so that it can dry. Always protected from light and heat, let us specify.

How often to wash your cashmere clothes?

As we know, cashmere likes water and becomes more and more beautiful with every wash. That's why it should be washed regularly, after being worn two or three times . To revive the shine of the knit, which can become dull over the washes, just add a little lemon juice or baking soda to the rinse water.

How do I salvage a cashmere garment that shrunk in the wash?

Catastrophe, your Bompard cashmere was washed at 40°C and came out felt . Don't panic, there are tips for it to regain its suppleness and softness of yesteryear. We equip ourselves with a basin of lukewarm water in which two tablespoons of hair conditioner . You let your cashmere soak in it for a few hours, then without rinsing it, you just press it flat in a towel while stretching gently at the level of the sleeves and the body. The operation is to be repeated as long as it has not regained all its splendour.

How do you keep your favorite cashmere sweater from pilling?

Pilling is unavoidable due to friction with rough materials, zippers or beards for these gentlemen. But it is also worth pointing out that a brand new cashmere sweater that pills is often the guarantee that the knitting is dense , which is good news. However, it is easy to diminish this process which gives the mesh a sloppy look. To do this, avoid wearing your cashmere piece for more than 2 to 3 consecutive days, in order to let the fibers rest and replenish themselves. You can also use a cashmere comb which prevents the appearance of unfortunate pilling and eliminates them drastically. Take care not to pull on the fibers, and if necessary, you can occasionally bring a special razor for sweaters, which you pass in the direction of the fiber, without pressing.