How to organize a good family Halloween party?

If, for Halloween, your children are still too small to wander from door to door, or if you prefer to spend the evening at home, here is how to celebrate the party without leaving your home. What a great way to spend a memorable family evening... without disrupting the rhythm of the week too much!

  How to organize a good evening'Halloween en famille ?

Halloween is a party that rhymes with pranks, treats and disguises . Most toddlers love to dress up in the morning and put on makeup to change into a terrifying monster or a pretty pumpkin, depending on taste, for a few hours. A fortiori when Halloween falls right in the middle of All Saints holidays , where children have plenty of time to get into their character's skin and proudly wear their ugly disguise all day long! Once the transformation is done, this evening, at nightfall, the little creatures will take the opportunity to take to the streets and go on a candy hunt, ringing the doorbells of homes and screaming. 'Pranks or treats, trick or treat!' . Only here, once back at home, the excitement of Halloween does not fall! And if your neighborhood does not lend itself to letting your children wander, they will be all the more frustrated not to celebrate Halloween as it should be. So to make them happy, why not organizing a family Halloween party at home? The idea is original and it allows above all to share a good time together. Here's how to prepare them a dream evening (finally a nightmare)!

Organize the preparations

A Halloween party is prepared a minimum in advance, starting in the morning. For this, it is advisable to make a checklist in advance to make sure you don't forget anything in the evening. Whether it's the decoration, the activities, the music or the meal you want to have, the best thing is to list everything. In this idea of ​​​​preparations, you can also if you wish set a party theme , suitable for your children of course (the film Vampires in the Disney style, witches, haunted house, zombie...).

Decorate your living room for the tea party and the evening

To immerse children even more in the Halloween atmosphere, transform the decoration of your living room . Add fake cobwebs, close the shutters and the curtains, place candles everywhere, why not in small pumpkins that you have carved for the occasion, or light garlands for more security. On the walls or ceiling, hang giant spiders or mini skeletons. And so as not to frighten your cherub, remember to warn him before entering the room . Also, whether they're out for a walk around the neighborhood or staying at home, give them a good snack first before offering them the sweets for the occasion. They will already be sated enough not to abuse it too much! The rest of the evening can go on, without a big break with the usual rhythm of the week...

Plan fun activities

The Halloween atmosphere should also be a bit fun. To entertain and amuse your whole little family in the evening, just after candy tasting and before bedtime, don't hesitate to set up, exceptionally, some activities . The idea is also to give your children a different time, specific to the party. For this, you can provide:

  • Reading a story
  • an escape game : the Escape Kit brand, specializing in games to do at home, has developed a special Halloween turnkey kit called 'The Pumpkin Mystery'. It is aimed at children from 7 to 12 years old. The objective is simple: players must find the magic gourds that have disappeared for the village festival. They will have to search, observe, find clues and give the right answers to advance in the investigation. In the kit, everything is provided (riddle sheets, guide, accessories to decorate your interior, etc.). The game lasts an average of 1 hour and can accommodate 2 to 5 players. Kit 'The Mystery of Pumpkins' available on the site at the price of 24.90 euros.
  • Drawings and maps to make to keep a memory of this day
  • A polaroid photo session
  • A board game party type Loup Garou
  • A story to listen to through a story box
  • A film d'animation to watch ( Monster House , A monster in Paris , The Legend of Manolo , The Addams Family 2: A Ride From Hell , Mary and the Witch's Flower , etc.)
  • A mini treasure hunt to find the bones of a skeleton scattered around the house and put it back together.

And all this, by quietly removing the children's make-up with gentle products and getting them to swap their disguise for their pajamas. It's sure, that night, the children will have beautiful nightmares, and will no longer be afraid of the monster hidden under the bed!