How to lose your pregnancy belly?

After childbirth, the belly does not immediately return to its original shape and seems distended and voluminous. Don't panic though! A suitable diet, targeted massages and tailor-made exercises should allow you to fit back into your jeans, as explained by three specialists from Gynécée.

  How to lose your pregnancy belly?

When does the pregnancy belly disappear?

It usually takes 4 weeks so that the uterus returns to its original position and the belly loses part of its volume. ' After childbirth it is normal for the belly to be soft and still round. Above all, it is important to be patient and to allow time for the body to recover.' , explains Emmanuelle Trévalinet, a draining massage practitioner at Maison Gynécée, a health center for women created by two former military nurses in their thirties.

How to get a flat stomach after pregnancy?

' Simple little things can be put in place from the first days after childbirth. It is necessary to pay attention to the posture by always thinking of self-grow so as not to shorten the rectus abdominis and to avoid accentuating any back pain. Of the breathing exercises can be done very quickly. Some draining massage or well-being adapted to the post natal can be practiced after childbirth to find a flat belly . A medical agreement is however mandatory beforehand. Women who have practiced lymphatic massage before or during their pregnancy can come 2 to 3 weeks after giving birth or 4 weeks if it is the first time. This will allow their belly to regain its initial shape and with a visible tone much more quickly. ', explains Oriane Hulin, professor of Pilates and practitioner in pre/post natal massage at the Gynécée house.

Targeted exercises can also be practiced. ' The most important thing is that the abdominal strap is functional, before being flat. But why not have both! To get a flat stomach, you need strengthen the transverse abdominal which functions as a natural corset but also burn subcutaneous fat which is under the skin. The bad news is that it is not possible to burn only belly fat locally, regardless of dedicated physical exercises or diet. The key to a flat stomach is to reduce the percentage of body fat, with a overall sports activity . Indeed, physical exercise will increase daily caloric expenditure. But it's not just the cardio exercises : the exercises of muscle building increase caloric expenditure even at rest and will therefore contribute to an increase in metabolism. For even more results, you need to strengthen the biggest muscles in your body like your legs, glutes and lats to burn even more fat, and of course diet plays a big role too.' underlines Ina Grodner, fitness coach at the Gynécée house.

What diet to lose your pregnancy belly?

' The young mother needs to regain her strength to cope with fatigue, recover after childbirth, breastfeed and avoid the risk of postpartum depression. Diet plays a key role in recovery. It is necessary to favor hot, simmered and slightly spicy dishes to eliminate toxins and promote good digestion . Of the good fats as omega 3 promote skin elasticity and brain, bone and muscle development. You also need to increase your iron intake if you lost a lot of blood during childbirth and check your zinc level also to preserve his hair. It is important to keep hydrated ', explains Emmanuelle Trévalinet.

What exercises to practice?

' From the delivery table, young mothers can practice breathing exercises such as hypo-pressive abdominals . Also called false thoracic inspiration, in the Gasquet's method , this exercise is very good for helping to lift the organs including the uterus and the bladder, stimulate the transverse muscle, boost transit and blood circulation.

As the weeks go by, we can practice abs called 'normal-pressive' 'always in connection with breathing and activation of the perineum . These exercises allow you to regain feeling in the deep abdominal strap, and redraw the waist They are very good for bringing the rectus muscles together in case of diastasis (distance of the rectus abdominis).

  • False chest inspiration: activate your perineum, blow out when you're out of air, pinch your nose and close your mouth. Take a false breath, open the ribs, feel the belly absorb and rise. Inhale and relax the belly.
  • 'Abs Normal-Pressure': Lying on your back, stomach well stretched, elbows in hands, activate the perineum, exhale and try to push your elbows into your resisting hands. Inhale and release. Feel like an imaginary sheath tightening around your waist. Repeat 5-10 times.

Be careful not to inflate the belly during the movement. These exercises can be practiced a little every day in different postures (standing, lying down, on all fours, etc.) From the first days, it is also advisable to do inverted postures to decompress the perineum and stretch the back in order to relieve pain associated with carrying and/or breastfeeding. ', explains Ina Grodner.

What are the exercises not recommended to lose the belly of pregnancy?

'A efore practicing any sporting activity, it is imperative to have the midwife or gynecologist check the condition of the perineum and abdominal strap. Secondly, you have to do the perineal rehabilitation and abdominal even after a caesarean because during pregnancy the perineum supported a lot of weight and for 9 months, and the abdominals stretched.

After the rehabilitations carried out, women can resume a more intense sports activity without risk. It is always important to continue to work the perineum and strengthen the abdominal strap in order to always protect the organs, avoid chronic back pain and maintain good posture. Before rehabilitation, avoid practicing impact sports (skipping rope, running, jumping) so as not to generate too much perineal pressure. The sheathing face au sol en planche n'est pas recommandé s'il y a diastasis (displacement of the rectus abdominis) as well as abs such as crunches (raised bust) which carry out abdominal and perineal hyper pressure and can cause swelling of the stomach ', advises Ina Grodner.

Are certain sports activities easier to lose belly fat?

' For any sports practice, it is important to breathe well and avoid abdominal and perineal hyper pressure. We recommend an activity that strengthens the perineum and the transverse. The transverse is a deep muscle of the abdomen, which is like a belt at the level of the lower abdomen. This is our little sheath. When it is activated simultaneously with the perineum during expiration, it protects the organs, the back, improves posture and helps to refine the waist and find a flat stomach. ' advises Ina Grodner.

What creams to tighten belly skin after pregnancy?

Firming creams can also help improve the tone of your belly. The slimming gel caffeine and pepper from Phyt's which combines caffeine and pink pepper oil has a double destocking and anti-grease action. Guinot's Slim Logic cream contains caffeine and delipogenase II, two active ingredients that accelerate the melting of fat but also cellulysium which slows down their storage. Another ally for toning the belly, the Mincifine firming oil which contains green coffee oil, whose caffeine promotes the destocking of fat and smoothes the skin, or even apricot kernel and sesame oils which improve the elasticity, while essential oils of grapefruit, juniper and rosemary firm the epidermis. Omum's organic firmness coach is a shaping, toning and firming treatment for smooth, firm and more toned skin after 20 days of application. Its rich and comforting texture allows you to perform a firming belly massage!

Finally, Somatoline Cosmetic's Cryogel slimming stomach and hips is specially formulated to target and reduce localized adiposity in the stomach and hips, to refine and tone the skin.