How to lose weight before the holidays?

Only a few more weeks before the end of the year celebrations and the anguish of not being able to close your most beautiful evening outfit may already be gripping you. Follow these tricks to lose 2 or 3 pounds before the holidays.

  How to lose weight before the holidays?

The holidays are fast approaching and the pressure of being able to put on your best evening dress without holding your belly is increasing. Before the comfort, it is therefore time to move on to the efforts. And so that a slimming program is effective above all, it must be complete. Food, sport, well-being... Discover our tips for lose weight quickly but permanently .

1. Eat light

Do not stop eating and don't go on a diet that's too restrictive . You risk regaining all the lost weight as soon as the diet ends. The yoyo effect, inevitable with overly strict diets, is devastating. Try the reasoned method: replace the fattier products with their light equivalents . Meat seasoned with spices will take the place of meat in sauce. A tiramisu is replaced by white cheese decorated with a fruit. These little habits that stay tasty should help you get back in shape. Did you swerve at lunchtime for dessert? Tonight, eat more vegetables and no sweets.

2. Watch the glycemic index

Not sure what it is? Nothing very complicated. The more a food has a glycemic index (GI) lower, the more beneficial it is for your line . Thus, prefer brown bread to white bread, brown rice to white rice and so on. In general, avoid manufactured products (industrial biscuits, aperitif cakes, chocolate bars) in favor of healthy and natural products. eat fiber ! The GI of foods containing a lot of fiber (whole foods, pulses or legumes, fruits and vegetables) is low and that of foods low in fiber is high (refined foods and potatoes).

3. Choose a sport that motivates you

Choose a sport you like and make time for it. practice at least twice a week. You don't have much time left before the holidays, if you want to refine your figure by then, this is really the minimum sports program. Ideally, practice a sports activity every two evenings... Each time for at least half an hour. Start on Monday to start the week energetically!

4. Go for a run or cardio activity

The morning is the easiest time to burn fat. But not after breakfast! When you wake up, have a simple glass of fruit juice and then go for a run for at least a quarter of an hour, before having your breakfast of wholemeal bread and ham. Perfect for melting! If you're not very running ', nothing dramatic: replace this activity with another 'cardio' type, run up and down stairs or walk to work very quickly.

5. Keep a journal

Slip a notebook into your bag. Write down the date of your first day of 'good slimming resolutions' with your starting weight, without forgetting your measurements. Every day, write down all the foods you eat , the sports activities you practice. Highlight all the fruits and vegetables you eat during the week. The colors will inspire you to form good habits. Be careful, do not write down your weight and measurements every day, it is counterproductive, you risk being discouraged. Weigh yourself once a week but not on Mondays, as the weekend may have been the occasion for some excess.

6. Drink plenty of water

More than ever, if you want to be beautiful and in shape during the holidays, drink and hydrate yourself. This is fundamental, especially if you increase the intensity of your sports practice: do not wait to be thirsty to drink. You can also combine this hydration imperative with slimming: know that drinking tea, guarana-based drinks or coffee can help you slim down. The caffeine contained in these drinks helps to refine the silhouette. You can drink up to five cups of (unsweetened) tea a day, but be more careful with coffee because of its stimulating effects. One to two cups a day max!

7. Detox

Your body definitely needs to release accumulated toxins. To do this, for one or two days, banish all the elements that pollute you on a daily basis: coffee, alcohol, tobacco... Also eliminate all manufactured foods to finally keep only a few fruits a day or simply tea. This cure will do your body great good. Then go back to normal food gently: and why not try to develop a balanced diet after this cure?

8. Make sure you sleep well

Yes, it is not enough for you to practice sport regularly to get into your best evening dress, you will also need rest. First, during a night's sleep, you burn several hundred calories. But that's not all : some studies have proven that if you don't get enough sleep, your body could be disrupted and this can lead to more fat storage. Plus, getting enough sleep can help you fight stress. But stress makes some of you fat. So sleep well to be slimmer!

9. Use slimming treatments

Once is not custom: in front of the urgency of your slimming goal, the care in institute can help you. To refine your silhouette, many establishments offer slimming treatments, in particular made with caffeine-based products. You can also test lymphatic drainage to combat heavy legs and watery cellulite. Care palpate-roll or Cellu M6 can also be effective depending on your type of cellulite. At home, the slimming creams can be effective, applied morning and evening, massaging the targeted areas well.