How to have a fashionable Christmas that's as stylish as it is eco-friendly?

Is a green Christmas possible? Yes, with a little goodwill and eco-responsible tips.

  How to have a fashionable Christmas as stylish as'éco-responsable ?

At Christmas and for the holidays, we want glitz and glitter. What if, this year, we saw things big and green, by doing everything possible to spend responsible and stylish end-of-year celebrations.

Where to buy eco-responsible fashion gifts?

First thing to watch out for: freebies. The first instinct is to buy them brand new. However, to fight against fast fashion, the ideal is to hunt for second hand gifts . Which doesn't prevent you from finding great quality ones! The advantage is that we can now offer very trendy gifts without breaking the bank. Just go for a ride on resale platforms like Vinted and Vestiaire Collective, or auction sites like Artcurial and Catawiki. Additionally, many brands have recently launched their own second hand clothes . Aigle, Maje, The Kooples, Balzac and Elizabeth Marant... Another option: turn to solidarity fashion shops, such as the Oxfam association's thrift stores, which operate on donations and use all sales to finance its charitable actions.

If despite all these good addresses, you do not find your happiness, do not panic, there is still a solution to keep the green attitude at Christmas. The brands themselves are going green, and some of them are offering eco-conscious gifts. Upcycled lines, made-to-order productions or even recycled materials, brands are teeming with ideas to offer sustainable collections to their customers.

Where can I find sustainable party attire?

After gifts, the biggest carbon footprint of fashion during the holidays is undoubtedly the New Year's Eve outfits . We sometimes buy them at a high price to put them only once or twice maximum... However, there are many solutions to avoid this waste. Today, more and more sites offer an option to clothing rental . Luxury, between individuals or to try directly in store, the options are numerous.

Otherwise, other methods are necessary. The most talented can make themselves their party looks equipped with a sewing machine, a beautiful fabric and a pattern. It is also possible to reuse last year's outfit by changing accessories and make-up. Finally for celebrate Christmas in the most traditional way, what could be better than a good old christmas sweater that can be carried over from year to year? The best of them can be unearthed in thrift stores and can be combined with any wardrobe basic.

What attitude to adopt after the holidays?

Once the festivities are over, there's no question of abandoning your good resolutions. There are still many good deeds to be done in order to have a totally green Christmas. What if we received clothes we don't like? Instead of keeping them in your closet just in case, we can give them to an association , or, if you want to make some money out of it, the resell on second-hand sites so that they can be used by someone else. The same goes for our party outfits that we won't put back on. It's your turn !