How To Get More Followers On Instagram?

If you want thousands of followers on Instagram instead of a few dozens, you need to use the following tactics in your content marketing strategy to improve your account and gain followers.

Using hashtags to boost your profile visibility

Using hashtags is a proven way to reach more people and gain more Instagram followers.

Indeed, people follow their favorite hashtags, so the top content with those hashtags will appear on their Instagram timeline.

Users also use Instagrams to find posts to trending hashtags such as # weather, # inspiration and # fullmoon. If the trending hashtags are relevant to your personal brand, it can be helpful to include them in your posts.

So, using hashtags can make your content easier to find through search filters, especially if people tap the same hashtag for each post.

To do so, you need to research which hashtags are trendy in your niche and relevant to your brand content.

Moreover, many people on Instagram follow local hashtags, so use them when you have access to them. Local hashtags serve a similar purpose, but they reach out to local people interested in a particular niche.

This way you can attract locals to your profile and gain more Instagram followers.

Thus, use a mix of hashtags in your Instagram content to reach people who follow hashtags.

Create engaging posts, reels, roles and stories

The Instagram app is perfect for understanding what makes your followers happy and what content they want to see. Use it to grow more followers on Instagram.

Videos are the most popular format of content on Instagram and it’s an excellent opportunity to inform your audience of your products.
Thus, posting regular video content on Instagram, especially live videos, is a safe way to get new followers to the platform.

Also, one of the most important things to identify is the time of the day your followers are using Instagram. Indeed, by knowing this, you will be able to optimize your content schedule so you can target people that are most likely to view and interact with your content.

Instagram reels are another great way to gain more followers.

They are available in the new video tab and they can be shared on public accounts to enable users who don’t follow your account to discover your content.

Share your role on your feed or role page is also an incredible way to increase your reach and get more followers without going viral.

There are many creative ways to use Instagram roles for your business – and we’ve seen companies use them to share tips and tricks, behind the scenes videos & more.

Do not neglect user engagement as a ranking factor on Instagram

The best way to improve engagement is to write user actions in the captions of your posts.

That’s why you should ask your followers to get involved by using calls for action such as “retweet the news” or “let me know in the comment what you think”.

Brands and influencers often use clever, witty captions and audience-friendly jokes to humanize themselves on Instagram and increase engagement.

Allowing people to share your Instagram content is a great way to enlarge your Instagram followers.

If people see what other real users think about your product, there’s a good chance they’ll follow you on Instagram and become a fan.

These tips should help you increase the numbers of followers on your Instagram account.

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