How to get beautiful skin fast? The right things to do

Do you envy Hollywood stars and their flawless skin? Rest assured, the flawless complexion is not just reserved for them. Hygiene of life, beauty gestures, diet... Here is everything you need to know to have beautiful skin naturally.

  How to get beautiful skin fast? The right things to do

Because it reflects our state of health, our skin deserves our full attention. How to get rid of signs of fatigue, slow down skin aging and maintain a healthy glow? Here are the keys to keep the shine .

What lifestyle should you adopt to have beautiful skin?

On a daily basis, our skin is subjected to numerous aggressions which alter its quality and accelerate the skin aging . That is why it is necessary to pay attention to one's lifestyle. Indeed, lack of sleep, stress, extreme weather conditions, overexposure to the sun or on the contrary a lack of light and especially a lack of physical activity are all factors that have a negative impact on the quality of the skin. . This results in the appearance of imperfections (spots, pimples, fine lines from dehydration, etc.) and a dull complexion. Here are the right reflexes to have a radiant skin.

  • Practice regular physical activity such as yoga or running to release stress and eliminate toxins
  • Sleep well (between 7 and 9 hours) to allow cells to regenerate.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption

When should you moisturize your skin and with what?

You absolutely must not overlook hydration. Your skin should be hydrated daily . Take 2 minutes each day to properly apply your facial treatment and 5 minutes to hydrate your body. Moisturizer only moisturizes your skin superficially. It is therefore also necessary to ensure that it is nourished with a richer treatment such as a mask for example.

How should you clean your skin?

Again, make-up removal should not be neglected in the evening. Indeed, if you do not clean your face every day, your skin will suffocate. Small imperfections will appear. And all your efforts will be in vain. On the purification side, the scrub is a beauty ritual that you absolutely must adopt if you haven't already. Exfoliation removes dead cells and make our epidermis breathe. Adopt a scrub adapted to the sensitivity of your skin.

What diet to have beautiful skin?

Good hygiene is essential. For beautiful skin, you should drink at least 1.5 L of water a day and consume fruits and vegetables daily to fill up on vitamins. Avoid foods that are too fatty and too sweet. Second essential good habit: remember that the sun is the number one enemy of the skin. Avoid exposing yourself too often to UV rays to limit premature aging and pigment spots .

How to have beautiful skin naturally?

To display a beautiful skin naturally , opt for natural techniques that will pamper her without attacking her.

  • Baking soda to brighten a tired complexion
  • Aloe vera to display pimple-free skin
  • Cucumber to prevent the signs of aging

How to massage your skin?

To keep beautiful skin, it must be toned. This is where the massage facial intervenes. Take advantage of the application of your day or night cream to stimulate your epidermis. With your thumbs make circular movements from the inside to the outside of the face to penetrate the product. On the forehead and cheeks, light pressure will suffice to revive micro-circulation.