How to do mountain climbers well?

What is a mountain climber? What are the steps to do it well? What muscles are worked? What are its benefits ? Find out all about the exercise of the mountain climber.

Complete exercise, easy to reproduce and without necessary equipment: the mountain climber will certainly be part of your routine fitness to build muscle and slim your figure.

What is a mountain climber?

Also called 'movement of the climber', the mountain climber reproduces the gestures made during a rock climbing . It is an exercise that does not require any equipment and works with body weight. Here are the three steps to follow to make a good mountain climber.

  • Get into a push-up position: on the ground, resting on your hands and tiptoes. The legs and arms are stretched out, with the hands positioned below the shoulders. The abs are sheathed in order to keep the back straight and a good alignment (legs, buttocks, back and head aligned).
  • Bring your left knee toward your chest, then return to the starting position.
  • With an explosive movement, do the same movement on the other side (right knee towards chest). Chain the repetitions without pause time.

What muscles work with the mountain climber?

One of the advantages of the mountain climber is that it allows you to work the whole body with a muscle building completely . On the upper body, the arms (with the deltoids and the triceps) and the abdominal strap are the muscles used. As for the lower body, it is also put to the test since the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and hip flexors work during the exercise.

What are the benefits of mountain climbing?

The mountain climber is very effective in developing all the muscles of the body, thus allowing you to have concrete abs, muscular arms or even toned legs. In addition to building muscle, this exercise also helps to work the cardiovascular system , especially when performed at high intensity. It will also improve your endurance and burn maximum calories. Indeed, intense mountain climbers will require a lot of energy that they will draw from fat. Results: one flat belly and refined members.

The oblique mountain climber

This variation consists of doing the same movements, with the difference that the raised knee will seek the opposite side . Thus, bring your left knee to your right elbow diagonally (and not in the middle of the chest), and vice versa. This exercise will target the oblique abdominals more to shape the waist.

The mountain climber feet together

For even more advanced cardio work, this variation is perfect because it adds an explosive jump. For it, bring both legs (with feet together) at the same time towards the chest, before jumping up to return to the basic position . Similar to burpees, this exercise will be intense and burn more calories.