How to do a pistol squat?

What is a pistol squat? How to do it well? What are its benefits ? We explain everything about the pistol squat exercise.

The pistol squat consists of doing a squat on one leg. If it seems easy and childish, this exercise requires training to be done correctly.

What are the benefits of the pistol squat?

The pistol squat is a unilateral exercise that will work the lower limbs, and more specifically the legs. Requiring no equipment, the pistol squat is exercised with the weight of the body. It helps to gain strength, balance and mobility , especially at the level of the ankles which support the body during the movement. Another benefit of the pistol squat: it will allow you to gain symmetry, perfect for erasing an imbalance between the two legs.

What muscles work with the pistol squat?

It is mainly the lower body that works during a pistol squat: the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes are the muscles targeted during the exercise. The abdominal strap will also be requested because of abs solids are essential for staying sheathed and maintaining balance.

How to do a pistol squat?

For well faire a pistol squat, here are the four steps to follow.

  • Stand upright with your head straight (stare straight ahead).
  • Transfer your weight to one leg then flex with this supporting leg on the ground. The other leg is stretched horizontally and the buttocks point backwards. The arms can be placed parallel to the extended leg.
  • Go as low as possible so that the hip is lower than the knee. See to gainer abs to maintain balance and to keep the front leg straight, off the ground.
  • Press the heel of the foot on the floor to come back up to the starting position. Place the other foot on the ground and repeat the movement on the other side.

The pistol squat is not not ideal for beginners because it requires several solid skills. It requires practice and can be achieved by going through stages first. Start by helping yourself with a chair or a vertical bar to do the movement gradually.


What mass gain with a pistol squat?

Because it intensely solicits the muscles of the lower body, the pistol squat will effectively develop your legs and glutes. Thus, you will develop your muscle mass in the lower limbs. In order to further accentuate this mass gain, it is possible to make pistols squats with weights (dumbbells, weights) for the most athletic. Results : shapely buttocks and muscular thighs .