How Elizabeth II used her lipstick to send hidden messages

During her reign, Queen Elizabeth II had made one of her favorite beauty products a means of communication with those around her. Explanations.

 How Elizabeth II used her lipstick to send hidden messages

Since the disappearance of Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022, we learn a little more every day about her life and her habits. From Barack Obama, to Marilyn Monroe to Lady Gaga… During her 70-year reign, Her Majesty has met thousands of people and had to develop many techniques to get out of sometimes delicate situations . At each official release, its teams paid close attention to a beauty gesture especially. Indeed, the lipstick of the late sovereign was a real secret weapon.

Apply lipstick to send a signal

To convey a message to her ladies-in-waiting without saying a single word, the Queen Elizabeth II used to apply lipstick. This most lambda beauty gesture meant that the monarch wanted to leave the premises. A surprising anecdote revealed by Ian Scott-Hunter, his former footman for eight years, during a special episode of the BBC show  Antiques Roadshow. 'J I think it's etiquette that women don't wear makeup in public. , he explained. But she had her purse by her side, took out her lipstick and applied it without using a mirror nor anything ' before adding 'b of course the queen's ladies-in-waiting would gather all their things, her majesty would get up and then they were all ready to go '.

The other secret techniques of the queen

Breaking out her lipstick in public wasn't the only way the queen could subtly get a message across. She also used her handbag as a means of communication. If she passed it from one arm to another, it indicated that she wanted to end the conversation. To let it be known that she wanted to leave an event quickly, Elizabeth II put her bag on the ground. Other code used: spinning his wedding ring around his fingers . At this signal, the royal staff had to find a good reason to extricate him from the situation. A whole organization...