How do you know if an avocado is ripe? Here is the ideal machine

An American company has designed a machine that scans avocados to determine their stage of maturity. This innovation could make it possible to reduce food waste by selecting the ideal product according to one's desires.

  How do you know if an avocado is ripe? Here is the ideal machine

Too ripe, too firm... It is very complicated, once in the primeur section, to know if the avocado chosen is mature . Even in tasting the fruit and even more when it is under vacuum, the mission is not easy. To remedy this problem, there is now a revolutionary machine that does the work for us and who does it with precision : the RipeFinder ('the maturity finder')

What is it about ?

Designed by Apeel, a company based in California, this machine is equipped with a scanner which determines precisely at what maturity stage is the avocado . No question of planting a probe in the fruit, of feeling it with force before retesting another one, here, the device works using a laser beam. This travels through the skin of the avocado and registers the refraction of light. By a clever mechanism, a screen then displays whether the fruit should be eaten immediately or later. In its version available to consumers, the machine displays even more specific messages such as 'your avocado will be approximately ready in four days' or 'your avocado is ready for a salad'.

If this device could be set up in large areas , the company that markets it also aims to install it at dealers. By scanning the lawyers , the machine could group the fruits into different categories according to their maturity . Thus, they can be routed to the appropriate shops according to their shelf life . The goal ? Limit as much as possible the food waste . This could be implemented by offering consumers products labeled according to their timing of consumption or by only offering products to be consumed in a short time.

Shown in late October at the Global Produce & Floral Show in Orlando, USA, the RipeFinder is set to arrive in Europe. For the moment, this technology only works with lawyers . But the Apeel company would like to design models suitable for other foods like tangerines or lemons for example.