How do I put a suppository on a baby?

The introduction of a suppository is often an ordeal for parents who do not know which way to use it and especially at what time of day so as not to disturb baby. Answers and advice from Tina Gereral, pharmacist.

  How do I put a suppository on a baby?

When is the best time to put a suppository on a baby?

Baby does not necessarily appreciate the introduction of the suppository too, it is better to choose the right moment to do it! ' Ideally, you should put the suppository after stool and toilet or at the time of change . Be careful to respect the spaces between two doses, especially for the paracetamol : a socket is a socket, whether oral or rectal “, specifies Tina Gereral, pharmacist in Ronchin in the Lille metropolis.

Which way to put the suppository?

Pediatrician Tip: to make the suppo slip, you can sprinkle it with a little thermal water

It must be recognized that some parents have long believed that the suppository should be inserted by its pointed side, but this is false! ' Contrary to what one might think, it must be inserted by the flat end (see below). This way, once inserted, the tapered tip that points outward exerts less pressure on the anus and is less likely to come out. Rather, it goes back up into the rectum, which is desired. If you are concerned that the baby will be in pain, you can 'warm up' the flat end between your fingers to facilitate insertion said Tina Gereral.


In what cases?

In recent years, some pediatricians have questioned the usefulness of suppositories and have highlighted in particular the lack of efficacy of antipyretic suppositories and painkillers . However, they should not be systematically banned. ' They can be a real solution for babies and children who have trouble swallowing or taking medicine, or who tend to vomit it up. The most used suppositories are those with glycerin in case of constipation in order to trigger a stool emission reflection and lightly lubricate. Some parents also use paracetamol suppositories for a faster action (the rectal route is preferred in case of need for rapid relief because there is no loss of active ingredient via the liver, and the drug ends up directly in the circulation ). This is often the case during teething. Anti-vomiting suppositories are also useful if the oral route is impossible because of nausea' , notes Tina Gereral.

From what age can a baby be given a suppository?

' From 3 months, all the way to adulthood! Afterwards, I recommend favoring the oral route as soon as the child is clean. The suppository must have this practical side in the situations indicated above ', highlighted

In what position should baby be placed?

' The baby should be placed on the changing table, on his back or on his side, with one leg or the legs (if he is on his back) folded over his chest. Insert the suppository as deep as possible and hold the baby's bottom tight for a few minutes ', explains Tina Gereral. Do not forget beforehand, and after insertion too, to wash your hands well!