How do I care for, wash and iron satin? Advice

Since satin invites itself on clothes and household linen, it is important to master the maintenance advice for this delicate textile. Interview guide.

  How do I care for, wash and iron satin? Advice

The satin is not a matter , but a technique of weaving . Made from interwoven yarns of natural or synthetic fibers, this textile is highly prized for its elegance , in shine you know delicacy . Known to be used for confection many clothes , such as dresses, camisoles, skirts, satin is also available in more luxurious for high couture for example, or for laundry of house . Silk, cotton, polyester or duchess satin, the types of satin are varied. But this highly prized fabric is also renowned for its delicacy and fragility which earned him a cleaning well precise .

How to machine wash satin?

Before opting for a machine wash washing, please follow the washing instructions on the label of the code maintenance of satin . In general, machine washing is not recommended. However, if you opt for this option, prefer a cold wash or a maximum temperature of 30°C , opt for the delicate program and do not start the machine drying, which could damage the fiber and cause shrink the fabric.

How to wash satin by hand?

To clean satin, it is recommended to favor the lavage by hand . For this, several steps:

  1. Dip her satin piece in cold water or lukewarm in a large basin.
  2. and see du Savon soft or a laundry natural .
  3. Leave the fabric to soak for a few minutes.
  4. Rinse the piece with cold water.
  5. Warning: it must not be wrung or twisted . This could damage the fabric. The technique of thick towel placed on the textile can be used for wring the fabric .

cotton satin is known to be more resistant. Often used to make household linen, this textile made from natural cotton yarns can be cleaned in the washing machine, on one condition: by choosing a programme delicate which does not exceed 30°C.

How to dry satin?

As a reminder, we never twist or wring a tissue in satin. You clothes dryer is also at outlaw for this type of textile, the heat could damage or even destroy the fabric. We also avoid drying in direct sunlight, this could deteriorate and discolor the fiber. A air-dry on a drying rack is recommended.

How to make the satin not wrinkle?

Satin can easily crumple , it is therefore recommended to avoid drying in the washing machine which increases the risk of creases. Moreover, it is when the fabric is wet that it can easily wrinkle. That's why it's best to let it air dry completely before wearing it.

Can satin be ironed?

Yes, satin can be ironed . However, it is imperative to respect certain advice. Ironing inside out and low temperature is at favor . The technique of wetpaw is also recommended so as not to damage the fabric.

What are the gestures to avoid with satin?

As a reminder, there are some gestures at to avoid in order to maintain the quality of satin :

  • Washing in the washing machine.
  • Machine drying at high temperature.
  • Sun drying.
  • The use of aggressive detergent or bleach.
  • Ironing at high temperature.

To take care of your favorite satin pieces, it is essential to respect the maintenance code of this fabric. The goal ? Maintain fabric quality, its candy , in fluidity you know shine . With these maintenance tips, you won't have any unpleasant surprises. It's your turn !