Household scenes: Gérard Hernandez comments on the absence of Marion Game during the prime, M6 reveals the cause

On January 17, M6 broadcast the bonus 'Household Scenes: It's Corsica'. But, surprise, Marion Game, the very famous Huguette in the series, was missing. After many questions, the channel, and his sidekick Gérard Hernandez, explained his noticeable absence.

  Household scenes: Gérard Hernandez comments on the'absence de Marion Game lors du prime, M6 dévoile la cause

After more than thirteen years on the air, the success of Scenes of households don't run out of steam. The public is more than ever at the rendezvous. But a few days ago the most assiduous fans did not fail to underline the absence of one of the star actresses of the program, during the prime Household Scenes: It Corsica… . On January 17, when all the couples were gathered in Corsica for a special episode, Marion Game was missing .

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Marion Game absent from the prime: Huguette left with her 'childhood sweetheart'?

Liliane and José, Leslie and Léo, Emma and Fabien, Camille and Philippe, Louise and Jalil... So they all met on the Island of Beauty on January 17 for an exceptional bonus of Domestic scenes . Only one couple, one of the most legendary in the series, had to be cut in half. In effect, Raymond embarked alone for Corsica, without his dear Huguette therefore .

'Huguette has indeed left Raymond to join her childhood sweetheart on the island of beauty. The latter having supposedly left with her Vitale card, he has no choice but to go and collect her! On the boat, he will meet a somewhat unusual man, Boubibop (Titoff), who will become his traveling companion... to say the least heavy “, explained the channel at first.

Absence of Marion Game : Gérard Hernandez s'explain

But Gérard Hernandez also wanted to come back to the absence of the one who has been his playing partner for so many years. . The one who celebrates his 90th birthday on January 20 therefore explained to our colleagues from TV Star that it was 'already arrived on the daily'. ' Sometimes Marion Game also plays alone' , then commented on the new nonagenarian. Before resuming: 'Raymond is hurt that Huguette left him. Besides, he does not say that he is looking for his wife, but his Vitale card' .

About the prime, he said he liked this format. ' It allows you to see the country and meet other people. The atmosphere was good-natured ' , he added. And to detail, about his duet with comedian Titoff: 'We immediately found our place in this pair that everything opposes! Boubibop (Titoff) is the complete opposite of Raymond, he attacks him head-on, he is free and joyful! I didn't know him very well, but I find him We got on well, the rhythm was easy to find.' .

Will Marion Game return to Scènes de Ménages?

In order to clarify the words of Gérard Hernandez, the channel which broadcasts Scenes of households also wanted to speak about the absence of the 84-year-old actress... and reassure fans who were wondering if this absence was final. 'Marion Game was tired when filming the prime shot in Corsica in sometimes difficult conditions' , I explained the production au magazine Tele-Leisure .

And to conclude: “In consultation with her and her family, it was decided that she would stay in Paris to rest. Viewers will therefore not see her in this prime but they will continue to see Raymond and Huguette every evening in the daily newspaper 'Scènes de households'' . A new couple, made up of Christine, a whimsical woman played by Fanny Cotençon, and Gilbert, a road transport entrepreneur played by Didier Bénureau, will appear on M6 on January 23. . It remains to be seen whether he will eventually dethrone the beloved Huguette and Raymond...