Household scenes: Fanny Cottençon and Didier Bénureau talk about their characters, still no gay couple...

The star couples of 'Household Scenes' will, from this Monday, January 23, have to live with new neighbors: Christine and Gilbert. The popular M6 series has a new couple, played by Fanny Cottençon and Didier Bénureau. The duo delivered their first impressions to the 'Parisian'. On the web, the absence of a homosexual couple continues to spark debate...

  Household scenes: Fanny Cottençon and Didier Bénureau talk about their characters, still no gay couple...

From this Monday, January 23, 2023, Scenes of households , broadcast on M6 for 13 years, is adorned of a new couple . Fanny Cottençon , alias Christine, and Didier Bénureau, alias Gilbert will have to take up a major challenge: to make the more than 3 million viewers who follow the comedy series laugh daily. For this, the members of this eighth couple humorous fiction can count on the roles that have been allocated to them: together for only eighteen months, Christine and Gilbert are in love but very different from each other: she is a daughter of a notable, he is a former truck driver . Interviewed by The Parisian , the duo confides their first impressions on the spot.

Household scenes, a new couple: the actors react to their arrival in the series

'You really have to be a good actor to play in this series' , assures the newspaper Didier Bénureau. ' The sketches are short, intense and daily, so you have to be focused and efficient ' , he adds. 'Making people laugh is one of the most difficult things in this job, even if it's what I prefer' , adds his playing partner.

Although claiming to have little apprehension as to the success that their couple should meet with viewers, Christine and Gilbert will have time to prove themselves in the long term, dozens of sketches having already been recorded since last summer , in the greatest secrecy, reveals The Parisian .

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'It's funny and well written', believes Didier Bénureau, who nevertheless admits that he ' hate[ing] to be friends with Gilbert! '. 'I wouldn't like to be close to Christine either' , rebounds Fanny Cottençon. “Even if inevitably, we put a part of us in these characters that we embody… But I hope not to be like her. '

Are Didier Bénureau and Fanny Cottençon friends in life?

With the national daily, Didier Bénureau and Fanny Cottençon explain that they really got to know each other during the first day of filming. 'I had seen him in a show at the Studio des Champs-Élysées (Paris VIII) , where I was playing shortly before or after. But we never really met ' , says the one who plays Christine.

What did they play in before Household Scenes?

Before integrating Scenes of households , actor and comedian Didier Benureau, 66 years old , frequented the boards like the film sets and appeared in the films Grandpa resists , too beautiful for you , Visitors , Palais Royal or The bottom ... In the theater he played alongside Muriel Robin and Jean-Michel Ribes ( Counter Briefs ), or Gildas Bourdet ( King Victor ). He also received the Grand Prix for Black Humor and the SACD Prize for One Man Show for Bobo , a show he wrote and performed in 2006.

Whoever plays Gilbert, of course, knew the actress who, in 1983, was crowned with a César for Best Supporting Actress after his participation in the film The North star . Fanny Cottençon played there alongside Simone Signoret. She then multiplied the appearances at the cinema, among which her roles in Vincent's friend , no one's wives , With a butt , As long as there are women , etc., before turning to the small screen. In 2021, she notably joined the new series of TF1, Runaway , a miniseries evoking prostitution among adolescents.

Why are there still no gay or lesbian couples in Household Scenes?

Although we can be delighted with this new couple, which promises to be explosive, it is nevertheless to be regretted that M6 has still not deigned to adorn itself with a homosexual duo. “I know there is a bit of societal pressure to have a homosexual couple in Scenes from Households. But I hate having my hand forced” , declared in 2018 the producer Alain Kappauf to TV Magazine . And to justify himself: 'We said to ourselves that with a homosexual couple, there were no specific asperities in what we are looking for.' On his side, M6 to I explained that 'Household scenes is not intended to reflect French society' .

Interviewed on this subject by 20 Minutes , Didier Bénureau and Fanny Cottençon do not hide their hope that the production will one day change its mind. 'It may happen one day, but it's late' , regrets the interpreter of Christine, while his partner suggests that the two characters can 'to have a homosexual relationship on their own' . 'I'm in! I want to be an activist' , he says.