Host family: how to become one, salary, benefits

Host families are sorely lacking in France. In theory, the protocol for becoming one is strictly framed. What are the requirements to become one and what is the salary of a foster carer? Answers.

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Sunday, October 16, an edifying investigation by Zone Interdite on the failures of social assistance for children will be broadcast. Shortcomings which relate in particular to host families, far too few in France . A lack that has the deleterious effect of not being too careful with those who are already... and of creating even more dangerous situations for children in care. But if many households do not think about becoming a foster family, it is not so much out of lack of interest as a lack of information and awareness. . First of all, know that a family assistant is above all a profession. A job like no other certainly, motivated by altruistic ambitions and an empathetic temperament, but a job that requires a certain knowledge and obeys a particular training. Welcoming a struggling child into your home requires total commitment of all household members. A family assistant never works alone but in collegiality with other experts in order to ensure the balance of the child and his development.

Foster family: what is their role?

The role of the family assistant is to accommodate at home a child (0-21 years old) whose parents, for various reasons, are unable to care for them. With the other members of his household (spouse, children), the family assistant constitutes a foster family for this child t. As detailed by the Federation of Family Assistants (FNAF), the family assistant must ' ensure relational permanence, attention, care and educational responsibility on a daily basis for the child, adolescent or young adult separated from their parents '. He must ensure that the child finds his place within the family. The family assistant works in close collaboration with the other members of the educational team: social workers, psychologists, department heads, educators, etc. He must '' help the child grow, find or regain a balance and move towards autonomy, and accompany him in his relationships with his own family “, specifies the FNAF.

How to become a host family ?

To become a host family, it is imperative that one of the adults in the home has an approval.

How do I get certified to be a foster carer?

Application for authorization to be a family assistant must be made to the child welfare service of your department. The form Cerfa No. 13395*02 duly completed must be accompanied by a medical certificate attesting that the applicant's state of health allows him to accommodate children and an extract from bulletin no. 2 of the criminal record of all adults living at his home. The file must then be hand-delivered or sent to the department's child welfare service. The applicant will then be assessed for a period of 4 months during which he will meet psychologists and social workers whose role will be to assess his motivation and that of his relatives, his availability, but also his mastery of the French language. Several home visits are also planned. At the end of these 4 months, and according to a criteria grid very precise, the PMI service notifies the applicant of its decision , specifying the number of minors and young adults under the age of 21 that it can accommodate at the same time (generally no more than 3). Accreditation is granted for a period of 5 years. If the request for approval is refused, the reasons are specified as well as the possibilities of appeal.

What are the requirements to become a host family?

To become a foster family, it is necessary to be licensed as a foster carer. A number of conditions must then be met:

  • Be of French nationality, be a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) or hold a valid residence permit authorizing the exercise of a professional activity.
  • Never have been convicted for acts related to children.
  • Submit to a medical examination to ensure that your state of health is compatible with fostering children.
  • Present reception conditions guaranteeing the safety, health and development of the children welcomed (physical, intellectual and emotional).

Can you be a foster family if you are single?

It is not necessary to be married, or even in a relationship, to become a host family. It is also not essential to already have children, each application is studied by the departmental council.

Can you be a host family and work?

The profession of family assistant is a full-time profession which is incompatible with any other professional activity . On the other hand, the spouse of the family assistant can work because if the child is well sheltered at home, it is not he or she who is legally responsible for it.

Foster Care Salary 2022: How much does a foster carer get paid?

The family assistant has an employee status and his remuneration depends on several factors:

  • the number of children cared for
  • the duration of their presence
  • the department where the reception takes place

For a child, the minimum salary is equivalent to 120 hours of minimum wage , or 1328.40 euros, to which is added the maintenance allowance. The amount may also be increased for exceptional hardship in continuous or intermittent reception and an emergency reception allowance may also be paid.

Additional compensation may be added to this amount: an increase if the fostered child suffers from a disability or an illness . Between two receptions, the family assistant also receives an allowance equal to 2.8 x the hourly minimum wage per day, i.e. 29.232 euros, and he is also compensated in the event of suspension of approval. This suspension, which cannot exceed 4 months, takes place if the caregiver is under investigation for suspicion of abuse or charges are brought against him.

Training to become a host family

To be able to welcome a child as a family assistant, it is necessary to follow 60 hour training . In the three years following the signing of the first employment contract, the family assistant must also follow a 240-hour work-study course, over 18 to 24 months, the cost of which is covered by the employer. It aims to train in the psychological, educational and legal aspects of the profession . At the end of this training, he presents the state diploma of family assistant (DEAF). This diploma can also be obtained as part of the validation of acquired experience (VAE) and holders of a diploma of childcare assistant, educator of young children, specialized educator or childcare worker are exempted from it. .