Horoscope, your week ahead (October 17-23, 2022)

Which zodiac signs will be the luckiest in the coming week? Will the stars favor your love affairs or your finances? Everything is possible from next Monday!

  Horoscope, your week ahead (October 17-23, 2022)

HOROSCOPE NEXT WEEK. The weekend is not over yet, but you are already curious to know in advance what the days to come from next Monday? Our expert astrologer already has some predictions to share with you...

Aries: your upcoming astro week

  Aries horoscope next week

You have a taste for gambling and you like to take risks, especially on financial investments. However, if you are not careful, you could put your capital at risk and even lose a lot of money. This is not the best time to invest. While waiting for a better influence of the stars, you will do better to favor vigilance and moderation, rather than imprudence and audacity. And if you still want to invest, play the safety card. Read more from Aries next week's horoscope

Taurus: your upcoming astro week

  Taurus horoscope next week

A week full of tension for you… Fatigue, stress, possible hassles: you have been accumulating negative vibes lately. You will therefore have a great need to breathe! Make time for yourself. So take the time to do activities that relax you and that you enjoy: playing sports, reading a good book, going to see a movie at the cinema... It doesn't matter, as long as it allows you to evacuate. Also remember to rest. Your general form will only be better! Read more from Taurus next week's horoscope

Gemini: your upcoming astro week

  Gemini horoscope next week

Your children, your life companion, your friends, your parents… A large part of your entourage will thank you for your altruistic character. You will be happy to see all these little people showing you signs of affection. You will receive delicate attentions that will intoxicate you with joy and energy for the week. If you are from the second decan, you will show special attention to a person who has been there for you, in good and bad times. Read more from Gemini next week horoscope

Cancer: your upcoming astro week

  Cancer horoscope next week

Single, it looks like you've stumbled upon a bone. The chosen one of your heart adopts an elusive behavior so much that you are disconcerted. The presence of Saturn in your sky attests to many questions to come in connection with a water sign. You will need a lot of patience to be able to decipher a mind very far from yours. As a couple, you are sailing on a calm sea. Agreement and indulgence govern your daily life. You have struck an interesting balance. Read more from Cancer next week horoscope

Leo: your upcoming astro week

  Leo horoscope next week

Your financial situation is affected by your feelings this week. You are a person endowed with great generosity and you want to spoil your loved ones. Even if a gift is always a pleasure, your family and friends love you above all for the person you are. They don't need you to prove it to them with millions of freebies! For Cancer and Leo ascendants in particular, be sure to preserve your budget. It would be unfortunate to put yourself in a bad position. Read more from next week's horoscope Leo

Virgo: your upcoming astro week

  Virgo horoscope next week

The excesses that you have been doing recently have some consequences on your health this week. Nothing alarming, don't worry. However, be sure to control your diet. Go easy on foods that are too fatty. Choose soup and vegetables over burgers and fries for a few days. Also pay attention to your sleep, go to sleep at reasonable and regular hours. Avoid screens before bed (ditch that phone!), and prefer a good book instead. Your body will thank you! Read more from Virgo next week horoscope

Libra: your upcoming astro week

  Libra horoscope next week

Your loved ones will tend to point out some carelessness to you. It will not be a surprise because you will forget important elements. A “head in the air” period that could annoy your family circle. Your head will probably be elsewhere, which will explain this temporary distraction. Update your agenda, write down the shopping for the next day's dinner, plan a reminder for birthdays to wish... For the rest, let it flow! You will be quickly forgiven! Read more from Libra next week horoscope

Scorpio: your upcoming astro week

  Scorpio horoscope next week

You are demanding with yourself and with your partner. You aspire to realize the projects of your dreams. However, your ambition for perfection could be excessive and harm the dynamics of your couple. You take the risk of breaking any momentum on the part of your spouse, the latter fearing not to do well or enough. Singles, you are looking for Prince or Princess Charming. And that's the problem! Your expectations are too high for someone to suit you. Read more from Scorpio next week horoscope

Sagittarius: your upcoming astro week

  Sagittarius horoscope next week

You will want to spoil your loved ones under the influence of the moon. Your mood will guide you towards the preparation of good home-cooked meals. In this way, you will also try to bring generations together and invite other family members such as grandparents, aunts, cousins, grandchildren... The period will also be suitable for organizing dinners with your friends. On this occasion, you will be tempted to play Cupid for the most hardened singles. Read more from Sagittarius next week horoscope

Capricorn: your upcoming astro week

  Capricorn horoscope next week

You feel stressed, even oppressed by events or deadlines that are dangerously approaching and give you a feeling of helplessness. Your schedule puts you under psychological pressure that has a negative impact on your general balance, especially in terms of sleep and food. Virgo ascendants, let go! You can't always be in control, and you have to learn to accept it. You will thus gain in serenity and your rest will be all the better for it. Read more from Capricorn horoscope next week

Aquarius: your upcoming astro week

  Aquarius horoscope next week

The strength of the planet Mars portends a dynamic start to the week. You will manage your family life and your schedule with a master's hand! You will be very organized and will even find time to take care of yourself. Indeed, out of habit, you often think of others first. Especially if you are a Virgo ascendant. Choose to pamper yourself this time around. You can afford it. Treat yourself to an outing with friends or even a few days of vacation to reward yourself. Read more from Aquarius next week's horoscope

Pisces: your upcoming astro week

  Pisces horoscope next week

The ballet of Uranus and Pluto in your sky announces a week rich in turbulence. You feel asphyxiated by your partner. You stifle your personality so as not to displease him and fear in the long term that you will dissolve. Your concern is well founded and legitimate. No spouse is worth sacrificing your soul to. Your nature is sensitive, fine, enthusiastic, sometimes extravagant and you must not change it in any way! If you feel the need to transform yourself to satisfy the other, run away. Read more from Pisces horoscope next week

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