Horoscope, your week ahead (November 28 to December 4, 2022)

Which zodiac signs will be the luckiest in the coming week? Will the stars favor your love affairs or your finances? Everything is possible from next Monday!

  Horoscope, your week ahead (November 28 to December 4, 2022)

HOROSCOPE NEXT WEEK. The weekend is not over yet, but you are already curious to know in advance what the days to come from next Monday? Our expert astrologer already has some predictions to share with you...

Aries: your upcoming astro week

  Aries horoscope next week

The planet Venus will help you use your natural charm to convince those around you of your arguments. You will have many strings to your bow to create a climate of trust and sympathy within your family. With a bit of humor, you will transmit positive vibes. If you are a parent of young children, you will address your toddlers with delicate words. Without being too lax, you will make it a point of honor to educate them gently. Read more from Aries next week's horoscope

Taurus: your upcoming astro week

  Taurus horoscope next week

The presence of the sun in your astral environment suggests that your partner is in the grip of doubt. Don't worry, he's not doubting you, but himself. You will have to use all your tact to reassure him of his value. Your listening skills and your natural benevolence will help you overcome these little inconveniences of life together. Single, the chosen one of your heart systematically gives you the impression of arriving like a dog in a bowling game. Don't insist, take a step back. Read more from Taurus next week's horoscope

Gemini: your upcoming astro week

  Gemini horoscope next week

Here you go again for one of your mindless sulks! You refuse to express yourself on the reasons for your vexation, waiting with ill-disguised impatience for the other to discover them. You will be waiting a long time! The presence of Pluto in your sky attests to a communication reduced to its simplest expression. The other will not make the first move, be sure. It may be time to formulate (clearly!) your grievances... Single, you are touchy when people talk to you about yourself. It makes you look like a concealer. Read more from Gemini next week horoscope

Cancer: your upcoming astro week

  Cancer horoscope next week

Morale is not at the party this week. You have the feeling of getting stuck in a metro/work/sleep rhythm that does not satisfy you. The change is up to you! Get back in hand, for example by introducing some new activities in your schedule! It will take extra effort that will drain your energy reserves, but the positive impact on your morale will be worth it. Take the time to go to the museum, or simply go outside with a friend! Read more from Cancer next week horoscope

Leo: your upcoming astro week

  Leo horoscope next week

Between your family and your friends, your heart swings. You will be asked from all sides to participate in group activities and outings. You will be vaguely tormented and will seek to make everyone happy. Taking on several roles can be stressful and you know something about it! You will find yourself faced with choices. Be a little more selfish and don't try to please everyone around you. Make up your mind once and for all and don't go back. You will avoid disappointments. Read more from next week's horoscope Leo

Virgo: your upcoming astro week

  Virgo horoscope next week

A magician of everyday life, you know how to surround your slightest gesture with an unusual je-ne-sais-quoi. So that you continue to bewitch your partner, day after day. With you, everything is fun, surprise, fantasy. You know how to protect yourself against the number 1 danger of couples: routine! Single, you are all fired up, your overflowing enthusiasm and freshness is a pleasure to see. A Gemini native watches you with lust. Read more from Virgo next week horoscope

Libra: your upcoming astro week

  Libra horoscope next week

You work hard and tirelessly to achieve the required goals. You do not count your hours. However, your considerable investment is unfortunately not properly recognized and appreciated. You deserve to be noticed for all the effort you put in. You have waited long enough for feedback from your referrers. Stop! Do not wait any longer and take the situation in hand. Finally get that promotion or bonus you so deserve! Read more from Libra next week horoscope

Scorpio: your upcoming astro week

  Scorpio horoscope next week

Last week was under the sign of effort, with a desire to change the pace. After all that work, your efforts have finally paid off and you are reaping the rewards this week! You have a new energy that makes you grow wings, thanks to the rest accumulated in recent days. You also have a mental freshness that allows you to approach with serenity problems that seemed insoluble to you not long ago. Keep going and nothing will stop you! Read more from Scorpio next week horoscope

Sagittarius: your upcoming astro week

  Sagittarius horoscope next week

In the professional or financial sphere, you will overcome difficulties with audacity and bravery. This thanks to the support of Saturn. Despite the weaknesses along the way, you will hold on! Rather than give up, you prefer to cross the finish line. This is also the time to immerse yourself in intellectual activities that will open the way to new professional avenues. The situation is ideal for getting a promotion or starting a retraining. Read more from Sagittarius next week horoscope

Capricorn: your upcoming astro week

  Capricorn horoscope next week

The astral climate of the week will be strongly influenced by the presence of Neptune in your sky. You will be overwhelmed by a surge of jealousy and possessiveness. If you are in a relationship, you will risk pointing your spouse and the tensions will harm your relationship. Try to calm these resentments for the well-being of your partner and yours. If you are single, watch out for disappointments. You will aim for an ideal that is difficult to find, which could disappoint you. Read more from Capricorn horoscope next week

Aquarius: your upcoming astro week

  Aquarius horoscope next week

Your desire of the moment: put butter in the spinach. With the arrival of the planet Jupiter in your sky, you will manage to save big and small. This as soon as the opportunity arises. It would even be tempting for you to make ends meet with a little job or work overtime. Whether you live in cohabitation or with your parents, your desire to participate in the life of the home will rise throughout the week. Read more from Aquarius next week's horoscope

Pisces: your upcoming astro week

  Pisces horoscope next week

A week full of tensions for you… Fatigue, stress, possible hassles: you have been accumulating negative vibes lately. You will therefore have a great need to breathe! Make time for yourself. So take the time to do activities that relax you and that you enjoy: playing sports, reading a good book, going to see a movie at the cinema... It doesn't matter, as long as it allows you to evacuate. Also remember to rest. Your general form will only be better! Read more from Pisces horoscope next week

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We hope this horoscope has helped you see more clearly in your future plans! Nevertheless, and as with any astrological or divinatory advice, our forecasts should help you better anticipate but never constrain you. Our mantra: always remain free of your choices and know how to listen to your deep intuition.

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