Horoscope September 2022: a return to school full of surprises!

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  Horoscope September 2022: a return to school full of surprises!

What are the signs favored by the stars in September?

Three astrological signs will take full advantage of auspiciousness of the stars in the month of September. the back to school star sign is indisputably Lion. You will benefit from the positive influence of Neptune in retrograde, which enters into a duet with Pluto. At the beginning of September, everything will seem to be smiling at you, whether at work or in your personal relationships. Your company is sought after and, on a sentimental level, you are on the same wavelength as your partner. If you have not yet found the chosen one of your heart, your power of seduction will be at its maximum and you will be determined to take advantage of it. Boosted by your holidays, you will approach the start of the new school year determined to follow through on the professional ambitions you have set for yourself. If you were born under Virgo sign , back to school promises to be 'muy caliente' for those who are still single... You realized this summer that you are turning a lot of heads, and you are determined to have fun! If you are in a relationship, you will be in total osmosis with your partner. Take advantage, because the situation is likely to escalate next month. The natives of Scorpio will also benefit from this contexte astral favorable . While the month of August may have been synonymous with tension with those around you, in September you find the harmony that you missed so much. After a complicated period in your couple, the complicity that united you at the beginning of your relationship seems to have been found and you will feel reassured. It's up to you to ensure that the situation continues... Don't fall back into your old ways, otherwise you risk having an autumn full of disappointments.

A return to school under high tension for some signs

While summer is still in full swing, clouds are likely to obscure the ciel astral of certain signs at the start of the school year. After a few weeks of welcome relaxation, the return to reality could well prove complicated for the are natives of Taurus, Libra and Capricorn . If you were born during the last fortnight of May, the sentimental sphere may cause you some trouble. For those who are in a relationship, you will find it difficult to communicate with your partner, which may cause some tension. Singles will tend to ruminate on past mistakes and hide. This gloomy situation is caused by the presence of Jupiter in House III. The astral context is no better for people born under the sign of Libra. In fact, you will suffer evil auspices of Uranus who enters dissonance with Mercury . This could result in what you will take for a real betrayal on the part of your partner. Try to take a step back from the situation and avoid making an untimely decision that you may regret. If you were born under the sign of Capricorn , it is on the pecuniary level that you are likely to be confronted with some problems. Despite the advice of those around you, you spend lavishly. After a carefree summer, an unexpected outflow of money could put you in a delicate situation.

An astral context that could be a source of frustration

The month of September starts under the best auspices with the arrival of Venus in the constellation Virgo. Indeed, the planet is associated with the organization, with the improvement, which will allow you to approach the new school year in good conditions. However, as of September 10, Mercury begins its retrograde , which could confront you with some organizational problems. Indeed, the star is associated with communication , which suggests some difficulties. If the consequences of this planetary posture aren't dramatic, they might still get on your nerves! Delays in travel, a broken computer or even misplaced parcels are not to be excluded... Try to take it upon yourself: this phenomenon of downgrading lasts about 3 weeks, things should improve thereafter.

What will be the influence of the stars at the start of the school year according to your sign?

Whereas Jupiter continues its retrograde , the arrival of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Virgo is likely to spice up the start of the new school year a little. If the air and fire signs are rather impatient at the idea of ​​resuming their habits, those whose sign is attached to the earth element could experience a certain slump. Indeed, the dissonances caused by the presence of Mars in Gemini are likely to cause a certain feeling of melancholy. If you are concerned, do not be discouraged by the situation, which will fortunately only be very temporary. Try to be pragmatic and you will realize that the future has some nice surprises in store for you. Don't reject help from loved ones and accept that you can't always be on top!

An astral climate which announces a month of September placed under the sign of romanticism

While back to school is often a studious period, synonymous with returning to work, this month of September 2022 could well be placed under the sign of love for many signs, and more especially for the natives of Leo, Gemini and Scorpio. Whether you are single or in a relationship, your power of seduction will be at its maximum and you will be determined to take advantage of it. This particularly favorable situation is explained by the presence in the astral sky of Neptune in retrograde , which encourages everyone to realize their dreams. This posture is reinforced by the close to Pluto that encourages you to let go and follow your instincts. The other signs will not be outdone and it will float like a perfume of romanticism over the first weeks of September. Take advantage of the situation, because things may well get out of hand with the arrival of autumn at the end of the month…

Aries: non-serious relationship abstain

After frolicking the previous month, people of your sign, encouraged by Venus, whether they are in a relationship or single, will be in search of deep feelings and romantic stability . In the professional field, the stars announce action and many initiatives. The financial and material aspect is also favored during this month of September. Read more from Aries September Horoscope .

Taurus: very positive overall

After a month of August that was beneficial and serene in all areas, we can expect a few minor complications. But overall, this period will remain very rich, intense and full of surprises . Love, work, health, money, you will swim in clear and limpid waters. Or almost. Read more from Taurus September horoscope .

Gemini: fuss at work

Under the malicious influence of Venus , this month of September will be the scene of a real vaudeville in the professional field. In other words, it will be necessary to expect intrigues and twists. Which will not displease this sign of fire always eager for challenges and adventures. Love life will take a back seat. Read more from Gemini September horoscope .

Cancer: a return to the hats of wheels

Get ready for a month of September without downtime, boosted by Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction in your sky . Whether at work or in the private domain, you will be solicited from all sides. Besides, your self-sacrifice for others will not always be rewarded. You'll have to dot the 'i's' before your health suffers... Read more Cancer monthly horoscope for September .

Leo: a positive horoscope

The month of September, with a positive horoscope , will be sunny. Definitely outward-looking, you will show yourself, in all areas, affable, enthusiastic and always positive. You will know how to attract attention. Even if your health will not always be in good shape. We will also have to be careful with finances. Read more from september horoscope leo .

Virgo: work = 1 / love = 0

For people born under your sign, this month of September will be to be marked with a white stone at the professional level . Lots of success and joy in the program. This will compensate for the sentimental domain which will be at half mast during this period. When it comes to health, that's to be expected - again! - some gastric problems. Read more from virgo september horoscope .

Libra: under the positive guidance of Mars and Jupiter

Thanks to Mars and Jupiter in majesty! Your month of September will start with a bang and end with fireworks. At least in the professional field. In love, the period will be more delicate and difficult but life-saving choices will have to be made. Overall this 9 th month of the year looks very positive. Read more from libra september horoscope .

Scorpio: ruled by Saturn

Boosted by the presence of Saturn in your main house, you will approach this month of September in a form insolent . At work, you will multiply projects and advance your pawns with unfailing professionalism. Your finances will be healthy. In the sentimental field, whether you are in a relationship or single, your legendary pride will not facilitate communication. Read more from Scorpio September horoscope .

Sagittarius: on the path to stability

This month of September should bring people of your sign a little more stability than the previous months. You will finally be able to project yourself by relying on solid foundations. And this in all areas of your life. You will take a deep breath . But be careful, there is still a long way to go! Read more from sagittarius september horoscope .

Capricorn: an intense month

A change of pace for you in this month of September, where Jupiter enters your sky again . The professional field will experience a sudden acceleration, which will cause difficulties in the management of daily life. Fortunately, love will display a reassuring and exciting capital A. Your health will be good, but you will have to be wary of heavy fatigue… Read more Capricorn September horoscope .

Aquarius: Cupid shoots his arrow

Love will ostensibly knock on your door, carried by Venus to the top. At work, there will be nothing really new except, perhaps, for job seekers. A test in the field of health will arise but it will be easily overcome. It is therefore a period mainly focused on the emotional and the sentimental which awaits you in September... Read more Aquarius monthly horoscope for September .

Pisces: end of a cycle

A cycle ends for you : your month of September is a bit, in the sentimental domain, the swan song. Love stories will end. To be reborn in new arms. These changes will have repercussions in all other areas of life. We will have to deal with it. As best they could. Or almost. Read more from September Pisces horoscope .

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