Horoscope of the week, Monday August 15 to Sunday August 21, 2022

It's a new week starting tomorrow, Monday August 15th! Will the planets of the zodiac serve you in love this mid-August 2022? Or rather in your work or in your finances? Or will it still be necessary to pay attention to your health or your friendships...? Sign by sign, here are our exclusive weekly astro forecasts, until Sunday August 21st.

  Horoscope of the week, Monday August 15 to Sunday August 21, 2022

YOUR HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK. Already a new period is opening, will it be placed under the sign of luck or obstacles? Here is the interpretation of our astrologer who deciphers the aspect of your sky between 08/15/2022 and 08/21/2022.

Aries weekly horoscope

  Aries Weekly Horoscope

This week, money is at the heart of your thoughts, especially for Virgo ascendants, which prevents you from being serene. You are afraid of running out, and that worries you a lot. You are thrifty and save, limit a little too much. Yet, thanks to your ability to manage your budget intelligently, your financial situation is doing quite well, even without being extraordinary. Don't worry so much about the money. It's not the only criterion of happiness, take advantage of your other sources of joy! Read more from Aries weekly horoscope

Taurus weekly horoscope

  Weekly Taurus horoscope

The coming days should prove to be materially interesting. At the beginning of the week, a providential manna could come to bail out your finances, thus offering you an appreciable peace of mind. In addition, the passage in your Venus sky offers you the possibility of making this money bear fruit. If you are running your own business, now is the time to invest. This one will pay off in the long run. For others, invest this money intelligently, it could be useful to you soon. Read more from Taurus weekly horoscope

Gemini weekly horoscope

  Weekly Gemini Horoscope

Since your parents no longer work, you pass each other without seeing each other. How is it possible ? However, it is not for lack of trying to find time to devote to them. Soon, on vacation, make it big, why not plan a week's vacation all together? More than a tradition, this proposal should enthuse those around you. Not necessarily far from home, a small corner of sweetened paradise reaches out to you and is just waiting to welcome you. Read more about Gemini weekly horoscope

Cancer weekly horoscope

  Weekly Cancer Horoscope

Neptune takes you on an unprecedented metaphysical quest. You ask yourself a lot of questions and even come to wonder about your partner. Why did you choose it? Why stay with him? Why can't penguins fly but penguins can? In short, you are not going round. It is not impossible that you are a little depressed deep down, especially if you are a native of the 2nd decan. Do not question your partner, rather try to work on yourself. Read more from Cancer weekly horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope

  Weekly Leo Horoscope

A new mission? A new job? This week, nothing scares you. You show undisguised ambition and you succeed. Company manager, you develop your activity and obtain important agreements. As an employee, you embark on a new major project with appetite. In research ? Your applications take on another dimension. You are confident in your skills and you are right! As a result of this risk taking, you will be given new and interesting responsibilities. Read more from Leo weekly horoscope

Virgo weekly horoscope

  Virgo Weekly Horoscope

The week promises to be invigorating! You will be seized by the desire to try many sports activities, whether alone or with your other half. Take advantage of these strong planetary influences to find the fishing. Beware of falls all the same, if you embark on a bicycle race or even acrobatic disciplines. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by adrenaline, especially if you return to sport after several months off. Go slowly and you'll be fine. Read more about Virgo weekly horoscope

Libra weekly horoscope

  Weekly Libra Horoscope

Sometimes, to recharge your batteries, you just need to spend some time with your family. Under these conditions, all you have to do is fix things. In advance, plan a few hours to visit your sick old aunt. The situation remains the same when you cook a meal to share with your siblings. You will see, more than making them happy, this exchanged moment will give you strength to face the harshness of everyday life. Read more about Libra weekly horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

  Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

You are worrying yourself unnecessarily. You suspect your partner of being fickle when he gives you all the guarantees of his fidelity. This illegitimate distrust could eventually weigh on your relationship. Luckily, Venus watches over your loves and protects you from torment. Single, you prowl around the chosen one without being able to identify him. It is not impossible that he is very close to you, for example at your workplace. This is what the positioning of Mercury seems to indicate. Read more about Scorpio weekly horoscope

Sagittarius weekly horoscope

  Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

The sun will give you an exceptional charisma in the professional world. You will know how to inspire others and spread joy around you. Your unfailing flexibility amazes many and arouses admiration. Your leadership qualities will develop and will be noticed. Harness this motivating power to bring your ideas and beliefs to life. You will have a greater and more intense sense of accomplishment. In case of a job interview, be yourself. Read more about Sagittarius weekly horoscope

Capricorn weekly horoscope

  Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

If you have recently started a healthier diet or diet, the first effects should appear very quickly. You show unfailing vitality and a jovial mood. Take advantage of this positive state of mind to stay motivated and continue your efforts. You have every chance of achieving the set goals. Keep up the pace but don't forget to reward yourself from time to time. You will thus escape all kinds of frustrations without losing your ambitions. Read more about Capricorn weekly horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

  Weekly Aquarius Horoscope

This week, the sun arrives in your sign. Thanks to a panel of ultra-powerful rays, a rainbow will illuminate everything in its path. It will equip you with everything you need to permanently eliminate this weekly stress. Indeed, you will always run everywhere to face everything. Rest, a bit! You are not being asked to take sick leave, but at this rate you are really going to disaster. Certainly, we offer you a radical, but effective remedy. When you get home from work, unplug your phone. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your little family more. Read more about Aquarius weekly horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

  Weekly Pisces Horoscope

You feel the wind of the cannonball... Your partner takes time (a lot of time) to respond to your messages, listens to you with an inattentive ear, yawns at your statements... The impression of being on borrowed time makes you as clumsy as it is unhappy . The presence of Jupiter in your sky suggests that you would benefit from taking some distance. Do not question the other, do not seek at all costs to clarify things, simply make yourself rarer, show yourself less fragile and more independent. Read more about Pisces weekly horoscope

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