Here's how to turn your T-shirt into a grandfather's sweater

How to make a sleeveless top with a basic T-shirt? The answer can be found on TikTok. With this simple trick to follow, we recycle our clothes.

 Here's how to turn your T-shirt into a grandfather's sweater

It was the fashion trend not to be missed last year: the sleeveless sweater. This season, he is once again one of the hits de l'automne-hiver ... But not everyone is lucky enough to have one in their dressing room. Again, the TikTok app comes to our rescue. Elisabeth, the young woman behind the @eliefy account, shares all her best 'fashion fashion tips' . In one of her latest videos, she shows that you can get Grandpa's famous sweater with a T-shirt loose with round neck. To add a twist to this great wardrobe basic, here are the steps to follow:

1. Put the T-shirt on a shirt.

2. Catch the seam of the T-shirt at the shoulder.

3. Pull it towards you and fold the short sleeve underneath.

4. Adjust to suit.

And here is an ideal tip for mid-season.

The sleeveless sweater, the easy-to-wear trend

Long considered old-fashioned because of its cut and its V-neck, the sleeveless sweater is now everywhere! It's very simple, it can be found on the shelves of our favorite fashion brands, in small designer boutiques and on the catwalks of the biggest fashion shows.

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It adds a little touch preppy chic to any outfit and promises maximum comfort. 2022 version, this it piece is worn over a slightly oversized white shirt . It can also be associated with a simple T-shirt, a small sweater or a long dress... In short, we have the choice with the sleeveless sweater. And that, the influencers have understood! The proof with @juliesfi who wears it to perfection.