Here's how to create a beach bag with a scarf according to TikTok

With this new TikTok tip, the scarf turns into a beach bag and stands out as the essential summer accessory.

 Here's how to create a beach bag with a scarf according to TikTok

Always on the lookout for the latest trends? You've come to the right place! With this new TikTok trick, the scarf takes on a new face. The TikTokeuse @laurenwolfe, followed by more than 800,000 people, reveals how to transform her silk square into a pretty bag to draw on your next beach day. To make your favorite scarf a unique piece, nothing complicated. In addition, this technique of folding and knotting has several advantages. All you need is a scarf of your choice. Flowery, pastel, fluorescent... You can choose the color and pattern of the future bag, which will go perfectly with your favorite little top. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Tie the two ends of the scarf together to form a triangle.

2. Place the tied scarf around his arm.

3. Thread another end inside.

4. Tie it with the last end.

5. Tie a double knot.

And There you go ! It's the colorful finishing touch to your summer look.

One scarf, a thousand bag possibilities

It is well known, the scarf has many facets. It folds and unfolds according to our desires and our looks. One day it is worn around the neck or as a belt and the next day the accessory is found on the arm. Besides, the TikTokeuse offers a second technique that will be very useful for the end of the summer. For transform the scarf into a beach bag in less than a minute, you first have to fold it in half diagonally. Then, it is a question of making a knot in the middle of each end. Then we tie two ends together. And here is a trendy handbag! In order to find the use of his scarf, it is enough simply to untie it. It's in the bag !