Here's how product labeling is going to be simplified

The labeling of dry products will soon be modified to limit food waste. Here's what should change soon.

 Here is how the'étiquetage des produits va être simplifié

Every year, the French waste on average 30 kg of food per person , whose 7 kg of food waste still wrapped. For reduce the food waste , l' product labeling will soon be modified, in order to make expiration dates easier to understand for the consumer. Here's how.

'This product can be consumed after this date'

At present, fresh produce is labeled 'to be consumed before', while other foodstuffs not kept in the refrigerator, such as pasta, rice or flour, are labeled 'best before'. A statement that can mislead the consumer and encourage him to throw away these dry products, which are still edible.

Thereby, the labeling of certain products should soon change , with the addition of an additional statement indicating for example: 'this product can be consumed after this date'. A clear message for households, which will limit food waste and save money at the same time. Some industry and advocates, such as the Too Good To Go app, also recommend adding a pictogram inviting consumers to trust their senses (smell, taste, sight) to identify a food that is expired or not before throwing it away by simply following the expiry date indicated. To be continued...