Here is the day to go to Zara (and the one where there is never anything left) according to the confidences of an employee

Your favorite Zara item is already out of stock? Don't panic, an employee of the Spanish brand revealed the best tips, in store and online, for shopping any product.

  This is the day to go to Zara (and the day when it'y a jamais plus rien) selon les confidences d'une employée

A fashionista's worst nightmare? See all his favorites Zara display  sold out  when she adds them to her basket. Fortunately, Miriam Cava, aka @miriamcavap on TikTok, gave some valuable advice to his community so that they never find themselves in this situation again. Employee of the Spanish brand, she reveals to her subscribers the unstoppable tricks to easily get your hands on your favorite item in store or online, even when it is indicated out of stock.

Miriam Cava's first piece of advice is only valid in physical stores where it is recommended to go certain specific days of the week . Indeed, the Spanish brand receives, in store and online, its new arrivals on Mondays and Thursdays. So if an item is no longer available on the e-shop, it may be on the shelves of one of the shops near you during deliveries. With more than a hundred addresses in France, the task is not impossible! Your size is no longer available? A little patience, the store might be replenished very soon. Do not hesitate to go there regularly.

You trick Zara online

Miriam Cava also has some great tips for successful online shopping at Zara. On the brand app, locate magnifying glass icon at the end of the page. It will serve you well from now on! Thanks to this one, you will be able to find in a few clicks the looks that you have seen on social networks, without having to go through the rather extensive collections of the Spanish brand, since you just have to click on it and upload a screenshot of the room.

Other tips and untold stories of the day

Last recommendation: feel free to use the Store Mode . This button is present at the top right of the home page of your application when you are logged in to your account. The Store Mode offers three options:

  1. Le Click & Go : it allows you to place an order and pick it up in 120 minutes, or less than 2 hours, at your favorite Zara store.
  2. Le Click & Find : it shows you the exact location of your favorite item in the store you have defined.
  3. Le Click & Try : it gives you the ability to book a fitting room from your phone without having to wait in line for hours. This last option only activates when you are in store. Good shopping !