Here is Karine Le Marchand's funny trick for removing makeup at 54 years old

On her Instagram account, Karine Le Marchand revealed an unstoppable trick to easily remove all traces of makeup. Demonstration.

 Here is the funny'astuce de Karine Le Marchand pour bien se démaquiller à 54 ans

Do you dream of having the same skin as Karine Le Marchand ? We understand you… At 54, the TV host shines both naturally and in the spotlight. Very close to her fans, especially her 681,000 subscribers on Instagram, she regularly reveals many tips. Recently it's the one of her everyday beauty tips which she delivered...

How the TV host uses a beauty blender to remove her makeup?

Karine Le Marchand maintains her beauty thanks to sport, a good diet but also a top-notch make-up removal routine. The 50-year-old removes all her makeup with the help of a surprising accessory: the beauty blender. She uses this small sponge, normally used to blend foundation, to remove the excess of her favorite make-up remover oil from the Oryza Lab brand. An ecological gesture that guarantees gentle make-up removal. Very simple, but you just had to think about it...

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What is Karine Le Marchand's skincare routine?

A fan of the Oryza Lab brand, Karine Le Marchand only uses these products after a long day at work. Once his skin cleansed , she mixes a few drops of the revitalizing serum and beauty oil . 'To try it is to adopt it, I put more than that, well done Oryza, 100% on Yuka'. Enriched with rice phytosterol, peptides and undaria pinnatifida algae, the serum fights the signs of aging while rice bran oil, bakuchiol and pistachio resin will regenerate the skin. Neither one nor two, we adopt this terribly effective evening routine!