Here is Iris Mittenaere's cheap trick to fight bags under the eyes

On Instagram, Iris Mittenaere has just revealed a surprising trick to fight against puffiness and always look good. Discover it.

  here'astuce pas chère d'Iris Mittenaere pour lutter contre les poches sous les yeux

She was voted the most beautiful woman on the planet in 2016. And for good reason, Iris Mittenaere is the perfect embodiment of beauty. Through her many appearances, the former Miss Universe was able to prove that she had nothing to envy to the others. And even if today she gave up her crowns, her natural beauty continue to inspire us. Hair changes, beauty tips, she regularly reveals her secrets on her Instagram account. The latest? Tea bags to fight puffiness! Indeed, the young woman posted a somewhat surprising selfie. Sitting on her sofa, she looks a little tired with a cooled tea bag on each of her eyelids.

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This natural beauty treatment used by Iris Mittenaere has been known since the dawn of time. Tea bags have the benefit of deflating the eyelids while relaxing the eyes. But be careful, you don't have to choose just any ones. It is important to opt for a tea rich in caffeine and tannin. To reduce dark circles and fight puffiness, black tea, green tea and jasmine tea will be valuable allies. With this cheap trick, the pretty brunette offers a natural alternative to enhance her look. We love !

What is Iris Mittenaere's beauty routine?

Since his election to Miss France in 2016, Iris Mittenaere has a busy schedule. However, if there is one beauty step she never misses, it's her skincare routine. She begins first by using a tonic lotion for the face and a spray of thermal water to eliminate limescale. Next, on to the serum! The former beauty queen confided change products regularly according to the needs of your skin . Then, she applies a moisturizer, with outward movements of the face. When she has blemishes, she uses a local treatment that relieves while making the pimples disappear. To keep a pretty skin, the young girl from Lille has other tricks. For example, she performs fingertip tapping to activate blood circulation and make the skin more toned. Performed daily on the forehead, cheeks and temples, this gesture would reduce expression lines.

What are the hair changes of iris Mittenaere?

If Iris Mittenarere has made her long brown hair her signature, she loves having fun with her hair. His biggest change? When she changed from a brown to a light brown , limit blond in 2021. But her secret to constantly changing her hair style is the wigs ! Applied to perfection by Paul Duchemin, her favorite hairdresser, these make the illusion perfectly. Long braids, red coloring or even a curly square, the ex-Miss takes pleasure in switching heads. She had also attracted all eyes by appearing with a square cut during the last Etam fashion show. A hairstyle that could become permanent if we are to believe the caption of his Instagram post. 'It made me want a million changes' wrote Iris Mittenaere.

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What are her secrets to staying in shape?

From the top of her 1m72, Iris Mittenaere displays a slender body and perfect curves. But that's not counting a few little fitness secrets... A seasoned sportswoman, the 29-year-old young woman maintains her body diligently. Running, active yoga, cardio, abs session... She tries to do physical activity two to three times a week . This allows him to feel good about himself and in his head. ' I need it, it allows me to refocus (…) It is necessary for me to push myself, to discover my limits, to fall from exhaustion .' she confided to the magazine Nouvelles Questions de femmes. Another tip of the star and not the least: walk as much as possible and prefer the stairs to the elevators. If sport is an integral part of her daily life, she also controls her diet. Diego El Glaoui's fiancee avoids prepared meals and tries to cook her meals herself. But above all, she does not forbid anything! Her credo: listen to your body and its desires . She still tries to eat more in the morning and at noon to be more reasonable at dinner.

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How does Iris Mittenaere make up?

Even if she often happens to show herself without make-up, Iris Mittenaere loves glamorous makeovers . The beauty queen knows how to sublimate her brown eyes either with intense smoky make-up, or with smoky bronze or gold or with black liner flush with the eyelashes. She also sometimes uses her blush as an eyeshadow for a natural look. On the lips, she usually wears a slightly pearly gloss , rosé and above all very light to highlight its fleshy mouth. Her complexion is still perfectly controlled, with a little contouring to emphasize her high cheekbones and the shape of her face.