Here are the new additions to the Lidl garden catalog exclusively!

Want to prepare for the return of sunny days in the garden? Lidl celebrates the beautiful season with a wide range of equipment, specially designed to maintain green spaces and brighten them up. Here are our favorites!

 Here are the new additions to the Lidl garden catalog exclusively!

This is not the first time that Lidl has taken advantage of spring to stock up on new garden items. In 2023, it's not one, not two, not three but four appointments that the discount brand invites you not to miss. At stake ? A host of new features that should appeal to both novice and experienced gardeners!

What are Lidl's essentials for good gardening?

THE March 16, 20, 23 and 27, 2023 , Lidl will be putting on sale, in dribs and drabs, the garden essentials of its favorite brands Parkside and Zoofari for our faithful four-legged friends. Tools, accessories for watering but also decorative elements capable of twisting terraces and balconies in need of imagination, nothing is left to chance. On the finance side, Lidl cultivates competitive value for money . Among our favorites are an owl-style decorative solar lamp (2.99 euros), a mini- greenhouse (34.99 euros) and a potato tower (14.99 euros). Not to mention the wall-mounted hose reel (59.99 euros) and the large, easy-to-assemble greenhouse (64.99 euros)!


Get cheap equipment in the garden with Lidl

As for the tools, we find in the pages of the Lidl catalog a rotor shredder (129 euros), a pressure washer (129 euros) and a thermal weeder multifunction at 23.99 euros. And the small tools is not to be outdone at Lidl: secateurs (3.99 euros), telescopic hedge trimmers (13.99 euros) and garden claw , trimmer, weed brush or leaf broom are displayed at 7.99 euros each. broom and rake telescopic handlers are offered at 6.99 euros and you can find a drip irrigation set for 21.99 euros. A pair of garden gloves 100% cotton with non-slip studs will set you back $2.99 ​​and an electric lawn scarifier/aerator $84.99. Curious to discover all the products? Find them already in the catalog Lidl jardinage online. Site :