Here are the main jeans trends of 2022

The jeans are the star of our closets, the pants which occupy a very special place and which we hold at least two copies. In 2022, it's everywhere: on catwalks, celebrities, influencers... So what were the top trends of the year? Response elements.

  Here are the main jeans trends of 2022

A timeless piece par excellence, the denim goes with everything and comes in all shapes, cuts and styles. Both stars and fashionistas love it and don't hesitate to wear it in the most eccentric way possible. So much so that in 2026, the jeans market should represent 79.6 billion dollars according to a report by Research and Markets October 2022. A denim mania that is found during the various Fashion weeks. On the parade catwalk  Givenchy  spring-summer 2023, Bella Hadid sported, for example, a long low-waisted skirt in faded denim matched with a matching bra. So what were the big jeans moments of 2022, and what are the fashion trends emerging from them?

Bella Hadid at the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2023 show

For starters, fashion search platform Stylight notes a genuine desire for inclusivity from apparel brands. The jeans of Good American, the label co-founded by Khloe Kardashian, range from 30 to 52, while Replay has designed unisex models to please all its customers. For their part, consumers are increasingly looking for these types of denim; In 2022, Stylight sees +483% queries for plus size jeans and +1,000% queries for unisex jeans compared to the previous year.

For the rest, it is above all a question of generations. In fact, a real fashion battle is played between Millennials and the generation Z aka la generation des Tiktokeurs . Skinny vs oversized, shirt vs jacket, bootcut vs wide leg, dungarees vs jumpsuit... But the biggest disagreement is about the height of the jeans waist. If the Millennials  advocate the tall , Gen Z is more of a fan of small size . A real war of style that doesn't really need an armistice: after all, nothing prevents having both in your dressing room.

Comparison of trends according to generations

Latest trend noted by Stylight: increased consumer interest in eco-responsible jeans, particularly those from the MUD Jeans and Boyish labels. It must be said that the production of denim requires astronomical quantities of water. To make simple jeans in non-organic cotton, it takes more than 7,000 liters of water , which is the equivalent of 287 showers . Data that makes you dizzy, especially since 2.3 billion jeans are purchased each year in the world according to the French ecological transition agency. Not to mention the use of fertilizers and pesticides to cultivate the raw material. Something to think about before buying your next denim item...

Julia Fox with a denim bra

The queen of jeans in 2022 is called Julia Fox

Julia Fox rocked the fashion world this year with its total looks denim each more unexpected than the other. Every time the American actress has been photographed in one of her quirky denim outfits, online searches have skyrocketed. A look back at three key moments of her 2022 year. First, when the star and Kanye West made their first official couple outing in January 2022 at the Kenzo show in Paris. They then wore a partner look , in head-to-toe denim, which increased Google searches for it by 50%. Then, in March 2022, the web reacted when Julia Fox appeared with a 'homemade' denim bra. Immediate impact with +33% searches on Stylight. Finally, her look jean blazer + underwear to go shopping in May 2022 generated a 40% increase in queries on Stylight. Julia Fox is unquestionably the queen you denim.