Here are the 10 most popular fashion brands on Instagram

Social networks are a very good way for brands to make themselves known and increase their popularity. Find the ranking of the most influential brands on Instagram.

  Here are the 10 most popular fashion brands on Instagram

Today, thanks to social networks , influencers truly have the ability to boost brand sales with a simple post or video. This is why the big names in fashion frequently hire muses , paid to strengthen the image of their labels. Labels and influencers therefore make profits through these collaborations often very graciously remunerated. To find out which brand has been most successful in wielding these new influencer tools, the AI ​​analytics platform HypeAuditor published a study, relayed by the AFP and based on the analysis of 194,000 influencer accounts in France. In the first six months of 2022, on Instagram, it's Zara which has been successful with more than 6,410 mentions, 2,090 quotes by influencers and a reach of 9.83 million (this figure refers to users reached by the posts). In second position on the podium is the brand H&M , then make way for luxury with Dior who took third place.

Top 10 most popular brands in France on Instagram (number of mentions, influencers, reach):

  1. Zara - 6.41K - 2.09K - 9.83M 
  2. H&M - 3.05K - 1.31K - 6.24M 
  3. Dior - 1.98K - 1.04K - 19.5M 
  4. Shein France - 3.07K - 1K - 10.15M 
  5. Mango - 1.95K - 899 - 3.88M 
  6. Lancome - 1.44K - 818 - 6.44M
  7. Chanel- 1.67K - 779 - 7.34M
  8. Nike - 1.94K - 770 - 10.55M 
  9. Sézane - 3.8K - 759 - 2.12M 
  10. Kiabi - 1.45K - 706 - 1.95M
Dior spring-summer 2023 show

HypeAuditor and influencer marketing

HypeAuditor is an analytics platform that uses the artificial intelligence to collect data and set up rankings around the world of influence on social networks. The company's analysis tools have the capacity to detect ghost subscribers, for example, and to know the actual engagement rates subscriber accounts. This tool is therefore essential for brands when choosing their influencers since subscriber fraud remains very present on Instagram. A lot of followers doesn't mean a lot of influence. The latest report published by HypeAuditor shows an overall increase in followers of Instagram accounts linked to health and finance in France. The French would therefore like to learn how to manage their money better and to deepen their knowledge of medicine and health. Not so surprising, in the current context...