Hélène Ségara: the journey of a singer with a velvet voice

Hélène Ségara is the unforgettable Esmeralda of the musical 'Notre Dame de Paris': she lived through the best and the worst, glory and illness before taking a well-deserved revenge on life!

  Hélène Ségara: the journey of'une chanteuse à la voix de velours

Helene Segara continues to charm us... Twenty years after his great stage debut in the musical Notre Dame of Paris next to Garou , Daniel Lavoie and Patrick Fiori, the beautiful singer seduces the audience on the show France has an unbelievable talent since 2015.

The latest news on singer Hélène Ségara

His torn childhood

Born at Six-Four-les-Plages (Was) a 1971, Helen Rizzo of his real name, grew up in a family with Italian and Armenian origins . But the family framework is broken when she has eight years only: his parents separate....

A difficult ordeal that marked her deeply, just like the death of his grandfather at the age of 16 years.

At 18 years old , she gives birth his first son named Raphael...

Determined to triumph in the world of music, Hélène Ségara faces difficult beginnings where she ' crève give it ' due to financial problems. ' It was complicated, but we were always lucky, in our misfortune', she revealed on the show It feels good on Europe 1 in December 2020 .

After leaving for Paris in 1996, she finally made the decisive encounter with producer Orlando, the brother of Dalida , and recorded his first great success in 1997 in duet with Andrea Boccelli, the very famous I live for her ...

Hélène Ségara's career is launched!

His relationship with... Damien Sargue

Married since 2003 to Mathieu Lecat, the father of her two children Maya and Matteo, the charming artist had another romance with Damien Sargue!

Only 17 years old and still a minor at the time (he's not Juliet's Romeo yet), Damien Sargue, who landed a supporting role in Notre Dame of Paris maintains an ardent passion with Hélène Ségara from 10 years his senior.

“We lived a beautiful story together . It was like two people meeting and all of a sudden... something is happening.' unveiled the singer and former sidekick of Cécilia Cara in Instant Deluxe in February 2020.

For two years, the lovebirds live a romance away from prying eyes. 'It was not complicated because Hélène has always lived a normal life. There were paparazzi but that didn't stop us from traveling , to move. From time to time we saw some but it was like that', I recounted Damien Sargue.

His fight against disease

Achievement of a serious eye disease , Hélène Ségara has been struggling for more than six years to keep her sight. Between heavy treatments and 17 surgeries , the interpreter of There are too many people who love you fought not to go blind...

From now on, she takes full advantage of the pleasures of life and is even releasing a brand new album entitled Karma to discover very soon!

His relationship with religion

Very religious, Hélène Ségara keeps her faith in all circumstances. While on the show It feels good, Marianne James' friend and Karine Le Marchand confided in her relationship to Catholicism when she was a child.

'I'm the only one in my family who didn't want to do catechism or take my communion. Because I thought our priest wasn't a good person. “, she had thus declared at the microphone of Anne Roumanoff.

Then assured: ' Now , I think I am the most religious in my family. I pray a lot for my friends . I believe in the power of positive energy, even if you can call it what you want.'

- 13 kilos on the scale

Due to its cortisone treatments , Hélène Ségara gained weight.... Her appearance no longer suited her and the singer chose to reshape her physique thanks to a diet of which she became the muse .

Today proud to have regained her 'size 36' , Garou's former accomplice shines on social networks and shares photos of her new silhouette!

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