Hélène Ségara - Incredible Talent: 'At 20, I was ten times older than today!' (Excluded)

While the new season of 'La France a un Incroyable Talent' is broadcast from this Tuesday, October 18 at 9:10 p.m. on M6, Hélène Ségara has agreed to tell us about the return of the program, her relationship to age, her projects. in comedy but also The Voice, Notre-Dame-de-Paris... Exclusive interview.

  Hélène Ségara - Incredible Talent: 'At 20, I'étais dix fois plus vieille qu'aujourd'hui !" (Exclu)

Fasten your seatbelts, the new season of France has an unbelievable talent lands on your screens, this Tuesday, October 18 at 9:10 p.m. on M6! For this 17th year, the jurors Eric Antoine, Marianne James, Sugar Sammy and Hélène Ségara will be back. The latter promises us a whirlwind of emotions for this new season. The 51-year-old singer confided in the Women's Journal on this new adventure, his dreams, his fiction and writing projects, his relationship to age ... and revealed to us what his incredible talent was! Maintenance.

Le Journal des Femmes: You have already attended the auditions. What can we expect from this new season of France has an Incredible Talent?
Helene Segara: Much like every year, viewers will see certain numbers thinking, 'but why?' (laughs). But the public must understand that we need contrast. There is something for everyone and we sometimes need absurd moments to decompress, to take a breather after certain numbers that have particularly affected us.

After 7 seasons as a juror, does the show still thrill you?
Oh yes! I wouldn't be here otherwise, because I don't know how to pretend at all. I'm just trying to take it as a gift. I am amazed like a child, every year I have fun… That's a lot of hours of filming! I leave home in the morning around 9am and when I get home it's late and dark! But all these emotions mean that we don't blame fatigue.

If you had to pick just one talent, who do you particularly remember?
It's a difficult question (laughs). But I think my golden buzzer would be Rayane (a 15-year-old pianist who will appear in season 17, editor's note)! Apart from everything he put in his number, there is something beautiful, luminous, authentic, a talent that only asks to be 'channeled' and guided.

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“I am accused of being too nice”

We feel you have empathy. Do you particularly feel the disappointment of these talents who do not go to the end of the adventure?
Yes, I'm a sponge! Some have criticized me for it on social networks, telling me that I am being too nice. Even if a candidate is no good, even if he failed his audition, if I know he worked for weeks to present his number to us... I can't trash it! It's a pain for me! During the auditions, a guy came up to perform for us...and we all laughed! He heard that we were laughing, but at no time could we have been mean to him. You'll think of me when you see it (laughs).

Besides singing, what would be your incredible talent?
Some would say it's my kitchen (laughs)! But I think there are much better cooks than me and then I'm just replicating the cooking my grandma taught me! I think my 'talent' would be to make people feel good. In any case, I have at heart to make people smile, to help others.

You almost coached for The Voice in Season 1. If the opportunity arose again, would you accept the role?
I got into the habit of judging lots of different talents, in magic, dance… There is a diversity which is very pleasant, which allows us to stir up more different emotions. The Voice is a very nice show but for the moment I have no place in it. I have my bearings with Amazing talent , we are a family. I lived this on Notre Dame of Paris , there was this magic too…

Musical comedy Notre Dame of Paris will turn 25 next year. Would you be up for the idea of ​​performing on stage again with the original troupe?
Today, Hiba Tawaji took over my role of Esmeralda and she is a singer that I really like. I can't see myself saying to him, 'thank you, goodbye, give me back my dress' (laughs). But if we did a particular event around the original troupe, yes, I would be in. Even if we mixed the artists of the old and the new version, it would be great. But I don't know if people would like to see me in this role again… And let's not forget that in Victor Hugo's work, the characters are quite young (laughs).

'For radios, I am a product that was consumed a long time ago'

Do you feel victimized by the music industry's youthfulness?
In my job, when you've been a singer since the late 90s-2000s, the first challenge is to last! I am one of the few of my generation who is still here. Despite everything, today, when I release an album, there is no radio that supports me because, for them, I am a product that has already been consumed for a long time. We entered the disposable industry…

What is your relationship to age?
Although it's often seen as a cliche, I really think age is in the head. When I was 20, I wanted to be responsible so much that I was ten times older than I am now in my head!

You have accomplished a lot throughout your career. Is there a new adventure you would like?
I still have lots of dreams! I was offered fiction but either the projects didn't interest me or they weren't possible. But why not challenge myself one day in a comedy or a drama, or in writing. I started writing children's stories and a book on mental toughness, because I was speaking at conferences and I wanted to share all that! I would like to go after all my projects if I have the time and the health.

Despite your health problems, you have managed to complete your recent projects...
Yes, I managed to do a lot of gigs and keep the shows filming…and believe me it was a struggle! When I do things, I like to do them 100%. When I did my Karma tour, it was a real investment, for example. I do my best to keep my commitments!

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