Hélène Ségara forced to 'nudge' Eric Antoine: she reveals what annoys her about the magician...

For the return of 'France has an incredible talent', Hélène Ségara, as well as these colleagues, Mariane James and Karine Lemarchand confided in an interview and revealed anecdotes on the filming of the show.

  Hélène Ségara forced to 'nudge' Eric Antoine: she reveals what'agace chez le magicien...

The cult show France has an unbelievable talent starts again for a 17th edition from this Tuesday, October 18 at 9:10 p.m. on M6. Viewers will be able to find magician Éric Antoine, comedian Sugar Sammy, singer Marianne James and her colleague Hélène Ségara. The program will be presented as for a few seasons now by Karine Lemarchand. The three women on the show opened their hearts during an interview with our colleagues from TV 2 Weeks , on October 1st. Interview in which readers discover them more accomplices than ever. They even share a few anecdotes about their habits during filming, in addition to secrets about their colleagues…

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Hélène obliged to give ' nudges ' to Eric Antoine

The three women are unanimous about their fellow magician, Karine Le Marchand even nicknamed him the ' gentleman '. Hélène Ségara also tells a rather funny anecdote about Éric Antoine... She explains having trouble with the very long analyzes of the other judge , which dwells on the smallest detail of each of the services. But the public does not realize it on television, ' When he debriefs, it's always very long , even if it is not visible in the assembly ' reveals the 51-year-old singer. So, to cut short the comments of her comrade, she says: ' Each time, I nudge him ' . A way to silence him! But does it really work?

The magician is also very appreciated by the other member of the jury. Marianne James laughs as she says: ' I like when he puts his 'balls' on the table, when he does his dominant gorilla! '. And she warns in a humorous tone: ' But be careful, no more than six times per show '.

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Hélène Ségara presents despite her health concerns and with the support of her colleagues

The popular Hélène Ségara therefore returns once again to her judge's chair for this 17th edition of the show despite her vision problems. Indeed, the interpreter of the tubes Her you love her , Love is a sun or There are too many people who love you suffers from a disease in one eye: irreversible macular degeneration . In particular, she was treated with cortisone and with implants that had to be changed frequently. But her colleges are there to help her through this tricky time on set with powerful spotlights. Karine Le Marchand admires the singer: ' Hélène never complains. The treatment she is undergoing is difficult. She went through personal trials. It's good to say it also for all those who have health problems '. Marianne James congratulates her two colleagues, she says: ' Karine was confronted with violence and wickedness on the net. She knows very well what Hélène endures . We bonded with her

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The 51-year-old singer has decided to work and not let her health worries get her down, ' I hate feeling sorry for myself. Let's move on ! ', she confides in TV 2 Weeks . On the contrary, she says that filming the program did her good: ' Participating in the show is such a moment of happiness that it boosted me. I may be tired, but I manage to get on stage because the public gives me this joy! '

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